THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Destiny 2 – Shadowkeep.

Adam “The Advocate of Al’Akul” Bowers @chefadambowers XBL: Advocate05

DESTINY: SHADOWKEEP (Bungie – X1/PS4/PC – September 17, 2019) – As Forsaken and its three seasons wind down, Bungie has revealed plans for a new expansion: Shadowkeep. The September release will take the Guardians back to the Moon and face our worst Nightmares.

But that is not all the secrets revealed today…

The biggest change comes in the form of cross-saves, a feature almost every Destiny player has wanted since the original. Cross-saves are the ability to take progress made on one console and transfer it to another. Well, Bungie confirmed that feature will come in the Fall. Bungie also confirmed the embracing the Destiny‘s more RPG elements and are now calling the series an “Action MMO”. Stats are returning, transmog is a thing now, and customization is everywhere.

Keepers of the Shadows.

I sent the whole shipment back to Fenchurch.

Another change to Destiny 2 is how you can purchase it. Now n00bz can get the free version called Destiny: New Light and start fresh with a character, play the first mission of Destiny 1 and play through each level. If you want to dive right into your friend’s save, it won’t be an issue since your character will be the same light as their’s. All the strikes, all the Raids, all the Gambit stuff, and all the PvP content are up for grabs. The only thing you cannot do is the new stuff in Shadowkeep, but that changes too. You have the
option to either buy the Annual Pass or go ala carte and pick and choose which season you want to buy. The season you skip will be refunded to you with in-game tokens. Play how you want to

GHG Church of Nerds, straight up ahead.

HIVE on the field. Bring a Sword.

Destiny 2‘s gameplay is improving via an addition no one asked for; but now that everyone has seen it in motion, they can’t live without: finishers. Yes, now each Guardian has a finisher; for example, the Titan falcon punches, the Hunter spins in the air and slashes with two blades, and the Warlock does a Tai Chi palm strike. Insane. All the old bosses are back and are now roaming the Moon called Nightmares. Mara Sov and Eris Morn are here and Black Garden is the new Raid location. Bungie also said in a post-reveal interview that lingering questions will be addressed, since Destiny‘s story has like 16 threads with no resolution.

Space Invaders: Shadowkeep.

This is amazing.

The last thing addressed yesterday is that Bungie is a self-publisher. How will PC players be able to get the new game? Easy Steam™. With Steam as the new home for Destiny, users will be able to transfer stuff over to the new service when it goes live. Oh, and no more console exclusives. It’s done. Over. Finito. Sayonara. Everyone will get everything the same exact time. Thank the Traveler.

You just sent over a Taken Ogre. Hope you’re proud. I know I am. While Destiny 2 is still not the perfect game, many of these changes are what the fanbase wanted; Praise the Sun they have been answered! September 17th can’t come soon enough.

-Adam Bowers

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