THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Doom Eternal.

Dee Assassina

DOOM ETERNAL (iD Software/Bethesda – X1, PS4, PC, Switch, Google Stadia – 2019) – A direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Doom (2016), Eternal is also a new way to brutally rip and blast apart demons to some head banging music. It was first announced at Bethesda’s conference at E3 2018 with a teaser trailer and a gameplay premiere was livestreamed at Quakecon in August 2018.

Here players saw an upgraded Doom Slayer with a new arsenal, including a flamethrower cannon and an extended blade. Fan-favorite guns like the super shotgun have new modifications, such a hook extension that grapples onto enemies; there are also new abilities like wall climbing and dashing. You fight classic demons and new demons including Doom Hunters — but this time, you’ll be blowing them away on Earth.

Hell on Earth shows skyscrapers and open space, which means we won’t just be fighting in Doom’s usual claustrophobic levels. This gameplay also introduced a new invasion mode where you can enter other players campaigns as a demon, and they can enter yours (similar to Dark Souls).

Doom Eternal gameplay was also used to showcase Google Stadia during GDC 2019, and will be a launch title. Until then you can hold yourself over with iD Software’s fast gunplay in Rage 2.

-Dee Assassina

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