THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Fable IV.

Felipe “The 3rd Deacon” Crespo

FABLE IV¬†(PlayGround Games/Xbox Game Studios – Xbox One/Xbox Scarlett/PC – ???) – Like most Xbox fans, I miss the Fable series. Granted, I also remember Peter Molyneux’s over-promising, lying ass; but even when he wasn’t able to deliver on every exorbitant idea he promised, the series has managed to be one of the best fantasy games out there. Now that E3 is around the corner, info on the upcoming has leaked. Because leaks and E3 go hand in hand like plumbers and buttcracks.

Adding some validity to the leak is just how quickly Microsoft scrambled to Order 66 the leaked footage (if you find the footage, send us, a link. Not kidding), the original reddit post is long gone, and the “open secret” of sorts that a new Fable is on the way and to be revealed soon aren’t really new whispers. As with all leaks, take this with a grain of salt. Here’s the details:

  • First or third person perspective. No guns (feel neutral on this one– I didn’t mind them). Very detailed character creator. Runs on Unreal (fucking shocking).
  • More interesting details: you can build towns that will tie into the main quest. Speaking of the main quest, you can just skip it altogether and never be a hero at all. Albion and Aurora are gone. The Spire was used to destroy everything and to make sure a ln asteroid would fuck everything up again in the future. Game is set in said future where the asteroid is coming.
No more Lionhead.
  • Demon Doors, Jack of Blades, and Time Travel are returning elements. The scent of reboot is ripe in the air.

Sidenote – Something that stuck with me ever since Pete lied about it (but never delivered): if a kid sees you killing their parents in front of them, they’d hunt you down much later in the game and try to kill you. Fingers crossed this finally happens. That always sounded so compelling to me, especially if you’re playing as a bad guy. Hell, even if you’re playing as a good guy, imagine finishing a mission for the Heroes’ Guild, then an arrow barely missing your head and seeing that it was a cloaked teen in the woods that’s running away… goosebumps.

Fingers crossed that, despite thr new dev team in PlayGround Games, Fable 4 sticks with the storybook graphics. Not everything needs to try to look hyper realistic.

Not Fable IV.


РGoddamn that Pokemon Shield trailer got me surprisingly hyped.

– C’mon, Boon. Just release the Spawn trailer already.

– Can’t believe how good the new CoD looks.

You look good today. Bye!

-Felipe Crespo

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