THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Gears 5.

Robert “The DCD” Workman

GEARS 5 (The Coalition/Xbox Game Studios – Xbox One/PC – 2019) – With Sony pretty much taking E3 2019 off to do whatever their own thing is for PlayStation Experience later this year, the show is pretty much going to belong to Microsoft and Nintendo. And Microsoft is going to make everything pretty much all about the Xbox. And with that, one of its primary tentpole games is going to be Gears 5. Previously known as Gears of War 5, the game from The Coalition is expected to be one of the big hits for the Xbox One and PC, and likely to arrive sometime around the fall/winter season…

The original trailer for the game made its debut last year, with the storyline set to follow the events that unfolded following Gears of War 4. But this time around, it looks like the focus will follow a new central character, Kait Diaz. That said, we’ll still see J.D. Fenix and his father Marcus make a return, along with others like Delmont Walker and a few veterans. But the story will follow Kait as she tries to find out who she is – and how the rising Locust Horde is involved.

This marks a bold new direction for the Gears franchise, and one that brings an interesting change that players will no double welcome. Rod Ferguson, head for The Coalition, considers it a “natural choice” for the series, which has always had a male leader in the role, but introduced strong female characters over the course of its development. But now it’s Kait’s turn to shine.

But on top of its traditional single player campaign, signature multiplayer and the return of Horde mode, there’s also a chance we’ll see something completely new, in the form of a wild new mode that players are sure to love. Ferguson and his team haven’t revealed just what it is yet, but we’ll likely get a glimpse next week once the E3 presentation takes place. And a lucky few may even get their hands on it. But whatever it is, it’s likely to be right up the alley of the devotees out there – and that’s what Microsoft and The Coalition alike are counting on.

But there’s also going to be some tweaks to the gameplay, in terms of “dramatic contrast,” according to Ferguson. There should be “very large open spaces” for combat this time around, creating more epic situations than ever before. And the multiplayer will have an effect as well, along with the introduction of more customizable weapons. That will make the game even more personable than ever before – and not just with a coat of paint.

Microsoft will have a lot to offer with the game come next week, and Gears 5 is going to play a huge part of that picture. We can’t wait to see how it all goes down and, more importantly, when it all goes down. Give us that release date!

-Robert Workman

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