THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Gears Tactics / Skull & Bones.

Felipe “The 3rd Deacon” Crespo

GEARS TACTICS (The Coalition/Xbox Game Studios – PC – 2019) – I chose two games to talk about. One, it turns out is a PC exclusive — at least in the foreseeable future; the other, barely has any info, even though it made quite the impression last year. So let’s talk Gears Tactics. My interest has gone from high to IDGAF upon learning that, at launch (and for a while), it’s going to be a PC exclusive. Fuck…

I’m guessing it’ll make its way into Xbox One at some point, but it’s still disappointing — epecially since games like this have already proven to work really well on the console (XCOM 2). Speaking of which, GT‘s gameplay mostly resembles XCOM with small-squad strategy; don’t expect Halo Wars here.

That’s pretty much all the info I have for you. *crowd applause*

SKULL & BONES (Ubisoft Singapore – X1/PS4/PC – March 2020) – This isn’t even going to be at E3. So.. that’s great. When S&B was initially revealed in 2017, I jokingly called it Sea of Thieves: Dark. The timing and theme seemed way too similar; but, in fact, Skull & Bones is far more focused on combat than exploration, treasure hunting, etc.

S&B‘s trailer had a lot of people excited, and that was that. The title has been pretty much in hibernation since then. Maybe they’ll build it up into Black Flag 2 at this point. We’ll see.

Since I chose two games that are mostly dead ends, I’ll talk a bit about something that I’ve been speculating about and hope will pay off at E3: the Microsoft and Nintendo “not so secret” courting. They haven’t gone truly public, but everyone totally knows they make out after school.

Will we finally see Xbox Live integrated into the Switch for achievements or something like that? Some Xbox 360 games playable? Some X characters crossing over into some Switch games? I don’t know, but goddamn, there’s been hints and rumors about something going on for a year or two now and more than just crossplay. It’s about time we get some sort of payoff… A release. Who wants to release with me?

Remember, reader. I’m always with you. Even when you think you’re alone… Xoxo

-Felipe Crespo

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