THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Marvel’s Avengers.

“Monsignor” Travis Moody

MARVEL’S AVENGERS (Crystal Dynamics/Eidos Montreal/Square Enix – PS4/X1/??? – ???) – Hey, we have a name. Square Enix is, finally, ready to reveal “The Avengers Project” we’ve all been waiting for. And I’m pretty sure we’ll see more than a tease ala E3 2017…

With Shadow of the Tomb Raider and most, if not all, the DLC from the finale in Lara Croft’s recent trilogy gone wayside, E3 2019 does appear the proper year to have Crystal Dynamics show us what else they’ve been working on. But call me a little shocked that Marvel’s Avengers, as it is now called, will fully unveil the cowl this year for two reasons…

  • A.) There’s that other Marvel, Avenger-heavy game launching just a month after E3 that every comic geek without a Nintendo Switch is buying one for: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. So what you’re saying is that we’re gonna see two AAA Marvel console games showcased at the same expo? Excelsior-y overload!

  • B.) There’s that whole Xbox Scarlet/Anaconda and PlayStation 5 thing. Why any game not named Madden or Call of Duty would release until those next-gen systems launch defeats me. No, really, you figured maybe the revered developers at Crystal Dynamics would stall production to get these superheroes and villains looking the most gorgeous they most possibly can.. Then again, Tony’s money talks. Release the game this Fall and release the Ultimate Remastered Stark Industry Bank Rollers Special Edition a year-and-a-half from now. I get it.

So what does yours Moody truly want to see from Marvel’s Avengers? Initially, a non-linear narrative structure that weaves disparate #Reassemble stories — with complete Tomb Raideresque third person action adventure. I want to play as Pepper and James (searching for Tony).. the Guardians (searching for Thor).. Sam and Bucky (searching for Steve).. Wanda and Vision (searching for Stephen).. Okoye and Shuri (searching for T’Challa).. in their own unique story missions with appearances from Natalia, Clint, Peter, the Defenders, etc. Mix these “one-shots” up with group missions…

Of course with CD and Eidos Montreal at the healm we’re gonna expect a tight script, top voice acting, and lots of captivating, big action set pieces that should replicate the feel of the films and comics– but take them even a step further. Surprise us and give us villains that haven’t been too featured in the MCU (here’s looking at you, Galactus and Doctor Doom).

The Avengers have fallen and starting the game off in a dark place makes for a nice contrast from the more colorful LEGO and MUA games. At least with Eidos, we know the game will be pretty tech/gadget/sci-fi heavy— and that, to me, is perhaps the most exciting new element of all.

-Travis Moody

Tune into Square Enix Live E3 2019 for the worldwide reveal of Marvel’s Avengers on June 10th at 6pm.

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