THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Tunic.

Chris “Holy Spirit” Sawin

TUNIC (Andrew Shouldice/Finji – X1, PC – June/July 2019) – Formerly Secret Legend, Tunic is developed by a one-man team of Andrew Shouldice who quit his job at Silverback Productions in 2015 to focus on Tunic full-time. With the assistance of the video game studio Finji and Adam Saltsman, Tunic will be a console exclusive for the Xbox One, but will also be available on Steam.

Even though Tunic takes pride in traipsing through similar pathways a certain spirited adventurer gallantly forged in The Legend of Zelda franchise, it also attempts to make its mark as its own independent title. The game’s big drawing point is its isometric view, which is utilized to reveal artifacts and pathways that would otherwise not be visible from a side-scrolling perspective. Switching between isometric and top-down perspectives will also be an option for the player. Visually, the game looks like pixel art and cel-shaded animation collided and became this sleek and wonderful concoction; and its targeting system looks like a factor that will help distinguish Tunic from its deep Hyrulian roots. You play as an unnamed fox and typically fight enemies with a sword and shield all over a beautifully created wilderness.

The action-adventure game has also created its own cryptic language that is basically undecipherable other than a few key phrases that will be coherent to the player. Dialogue will be portrayed this way, and pages from the game’s manual will be scattered throughout the land as some of the items the player will find along his or her journey. It’s basically a game of hieroglyphic charades with blatant clues. Shouldice likes the concept of exploring vast and mysterious lands without much guidance. As far as customizations go for the heroic fox you play as, Shouldice hinted as a hat being a possible option. It better be one hell of a hat.

Tunic currently doesn’t have a release date. Although it was mentioned during Microsoft’s presentation at E3 2018, its updates have been relatively quiet over the past few months other than brief animation videos (where Shouldice reveals he has this ASMR-worthy and soothing murmur of a voice that is way too relaxing for its own good). With appearances at PAX South and PAX East earlier this year, we can all cross our fingers and hope that Tunic returns to E3 with big news in 2019.

-Chris Sawin

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