THE GEEKDOM GAMESCAST [Episode 13]: Our Best & Worst Games of 2019!

Although it’s weird to think about how long 2019 has felt (Apex Legends came out this year) it’s even weirder that we’re already talking about our Game of the Year. So many titles have come and gone, so we take a look back on the year in the Gamescast, all the games we somehow missed, and all the games that made news.

We then get into our top games of the year! After some honorable mentions (and some of the more humorous horrible mentions), Myke and Travis countdown their top five games of 2019 — some that we’ve gone into great detail about, and some that we’re deep diving into for the first time…

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-Travis Moody & Myke Ladiona, the Geekdom Gamescast

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