The GHG/TGF ALL-GEEK-TV Crossover Event [PODCAST]: God Hates the Geekdom

You won’t need a lawyer to get off this time…


The  TV-free desert of the holiday season is behind us and now we’re swimming in a sea of geek shows. For the pilot of our new podcast season we go from the ABQ to Starling City, mowing down all the zombies and vikings in between.

Witness as the Geekdom Fancast‘s “Divine” Derek Vigeant and “Brother” Myke Ladiona team up with “El Sacerdote” J.L. Caraballo and  your favorite host, ‘The Monsignor” Travis Moody to talk about the murderer’s row of geek shows that have already done some damage this year. Bows have been drawn, spells have been cast – the battle for the best geek show on TV gets so fierce, it’s almost Inhuman.

TV Podcast Crew 1
[From left to right]: Myke, Moody, Derek
 Beware! We dropped every spoiler-bomb on every show, consult the time-map to navigate around the shows you still have to catch up on and just move the slider on the player to the time-code listed below:

Choose Your Battle!

The AMC One-Two 

Better Call Saul   (4:16 – 10:46)                  vs             The Walking Dead   (10:47 – 19:58)


The DC Universe Royal Rumble

The Flash (19:59 – 27:57)                 vs            Constantine (27:58 – 34:22)          vs             Gotham (34:23 – 40:20)             vs            Arrow (40:21 – 43:33)


Marvel’s Maidens

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (43:34 – 46:19)         vs           Agent Carter (46:20 – 50:55)

The SyFy Showdown

12 Monkeys (50:56 – 54:55)                            vs                                    Helix ( 54:56 – 59:05)

The Vintage Bad-Asses

Black Sails (59:06 – 1:01:54)                                  vs                                            Vikings (1:01:55 – 1:12:15)


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