THE GREEN LANTERN #5 [Review]: So Vorr, So Good.

“The Dean” Gene Selassie

Leave it to Grant Morrison to take the classic “cop on an undercover assignment needing to gain the trust of the people he’s investigating” trope and turn it on its ear.

While on Vorr, the “Vampire Planet”, a ringless Hal Jordan has to use his wits to survive the inhabitants of this world; all the while, collecting the parts to a power suit that will help him survive. As Morrison has pushed the narrative boundaries of this run, he’s also given Hal the cocky bravado that’s been a staple of the character going back to GL: Rebirth.

Liam Sharp’s heavy inks and line work give the environments a truly horror inspired look. He’s assisted with an equally beautiful, yet garish palette by Steve Oliff. My only gripe with the colors is that Hal’s costume once again looks like clothing, when it was made to look more like a ring construct over the past 15-years.

The “loyalty test” on the last page of the issue can take the story in many interesting directions; however it’s likely too much of a disruption to the status quo of the DCU.

Minor gripes aside, this creative team is firing on all cylinders. Morrison and Sharp have a true synergy that makes The Green Lantern one of the best comics that DC is producing today. 4/5 Bibles.

-Gene Selassie

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