THE MANDALORIAN x STAR WARS BLACK SERIES [Part 1]: This Is More Than I Signed Up For…

Travis Moody

There’s no doubt that The Mandalorian is the hottest thing in Star Wars right now, and that’s not even counting the astronomical popularity of The Baby Yoda Child. As Funko Pops representing Disney+’s hottest show have flooded marketplaces everywhere, I’m here to analyze the top 15 Mando characters voted next up for the Black Series of Star Wars figures by Hasbro,┬átallied up by the Yakface Forums.

This is the way.

15.) Xi’an

Well, seeing how we still don’t have a Bib Fortuna Black Series figure (why he didn’t just come with Jabba The Hut deluxe set beats me), and the Rebels pilot Hera is about to see her re-release, something tells me it may take a while (or never) before this Twi’lek merc makes waves into the SWTBS Universe. Xi’an has a very action figurey look, and there’s also that whole “trans” angle they could play up, but I wouldn’t count on seeing her any time soon.

14.) Trapper Wolf

Who doesn’t want a Dave Filoni action figure? Especially in full X-Wing pilot garb? How is Dave not way higher on the list? He might’ve only had a 5-second cameo, but without Filoni we’re still sitting over here on Facebook arguing with neckbeards over The Sequel Trilogy. In Dave We Trust!

13.) Klatooinian Raider (Travis Moody)

Sure, my cameo in The Mandalorian was quicker and certainly far blurrier than Filoni’s appearance — and a Flash sprint to solve crime — but who doesn’t want a Travis Moody action figure, even if you have to tell fellow geeks it’s my man Moody (like “trust me, it’s him”) despite not being recognizable at all under that silicone dogface cover and the fact that several other actors performing “background” duties that week also rocked the Klatooinian get-up on set? Just buy it and be proud. Could be worth meeeeellions!

12.) Death Watch Warrior

Bro, my Klatooinian ass wound up tied with this bad-ass! Despite having so many connections to The Clone Wars, Darth Maul‘s Shadow Collective, Bo-Katan and the origin of Mand’alor, the Death Watch Warrior somehow tied in the votes with a Klatooinian, not to mention that the Funko Pop is pretty popular and only available for double the pay on Ebay. What dropped this Mando Origin fig so low on the list? 1.) We only saw the Death Watch in a flashback, 2.) The Heavy Infantry figure is pretty similar in color scheme. I still want it, though, and so do you.

11.) Burg

“What is this thing?” Ha, a red guy with blue eyes and horns is the top dog in these honorable mentions. Arguably the strongest character in The Mandalorian, Burg — with his massive frame under a lengthy rustic coat, twin blaster pistols, and a scarface of hauntingly memorable proportions — should make a sweet lookin’ fig. But does his duration on the show warrant one? Let the devil decide…

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Mandalorian Black Series Yakvote breakdown coming soon!

-Travis Moody

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