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There’s no doubt that The Mandalorian is the hottest thing in Star Wars right now, and that’s not even counting the astronomical popularity of The Baby Yoda Child. As Funko Pops representing Disney+’s hottest show have flooded marketplaces everywhere, I’m here to analyze the top 15 Mando characters voted next up for the Black Series of Star Wars figures by Hasbro,┬átallied up by the Yakface Forums.

If you missed my take on #11-15, peep it right here. Here are the next five.

10.) Mayfeld

I’ve got to be honest here: Mayfeld looks like a “peg-warmer” (a.k.a. those 700 Poe Dameron and Jyn Erso’s we see at Target). But, the nerds have spoken and–somehow–stand-up comedian Bill Burr‘s merc cracks the Top 10. At least if a Mayfeld fig sees the light of day he will come with Tonz O’ Gunz. Despite the new, and mostly accurate photo scan technology, ‘Feld should still come equipped with whatever Imperial mask he was forced to don before–because, it’s a law to wear a mask, and Darth Moody demands it.

9.) Fennec Shand

Because Ming-Naw Wen is hawt and Boba Fett (or, likelier, Cobb Vanth in Boba’s bounty hunter get-up) takes away her body. Jealous. As if Wen doesn’t kick enough ass in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., her Shand was an elite merc hired by the Hutts. Despite her brief time on The Mando (and dying to the one annoying character on the show–whose action figure will never see the light of day), I wouldn’t pass the chance to pick her up too, especially if the scan is faithful to Wen’s likeness. Insert heart emoji’s. Pour out a little liquor. F*&% Toro Talican.

8.) Q9-0

The Black Series line can always use more droids! I finally just picked up IG-11. Now that my Clone & Imperial trooper lot is pretty steady, I’m slowly starting to branch out to robots and aliens. They’re important to the Star Wars lore too! And Zero is a crazy bug-looking merc bot that’s already a Funko Pop! Nuff said.

7.) Imperial Incinerator Strormtrooper

There just has to be a Stromtrooper in every line, right? It’s an easy money-grab for Hasbro, and, hell, they already have IIS Funko Pops and electronic helmets for retail. You can even pair up the Imperial Incinerator with your Imperial Shocktrooper (from Battlefront II) and let them pound a couple of Red Stripes.

6.) The Client

I initially scoffed at this high a vote for The, ahem, Client, until I realized that TBS’ new photo-scan technology has really changed the game for us collectors’ wants and needs. We like old dude toys now! Just look at Dooku, who might have the greatest face-scan of all. The Client is arguably the most quotable character in all of The Mandalorian and Werner Herzog is a hell of an actor. And, more importantly, I have a camtono of Beskar waiting for you upon the delivery of the asset.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Mandalorian Black Series Yakvote breakdown coming soon!

-Travis Moody

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