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There’s no doubt that The Mandalorian is the hottest thing in Star Wars right now, and that’s not even counting the astronomical popularity of The Baby Yoda Child. As Funko Pops representing Disney+’s hottest show have flooded marketplaces everywhere, I’m here to analyze the top 15 Mando characters voted next up for the Black Series of Star Wars figures by Hasbro,┬átallied up by the Yakface Forums.

If you missed my take on #6-15, peep it right here and here. Here is the top five.

5.) Din Djarin (Full Beskar Armor)

Ask and yee shall receive! The Yakface vote began as far back as January and these glamour shots of Djarin in Full Beskar Armor were released on March 31 on Maybe we can pre-order on Friday? As far as the impact of the Beskar on The Mandalorian, this extremely tolerant, almost indestructible iron was presented in a camtono from The Client in exchange for The Child. Mando meets The Armorer and the rest is history. A carbonized variant is inevitable.

4.) Greef Karga

Bruh, a Carl Weathers Star Wars figure. Need I say more? I will, and only because, with the new face-scan technology, fans of the legendary Rocky and Predator actor can finally get the fig they’ve always wanted. Just take a look at the new 40th Anniversary Empire Strikes Back scans of Han and Lando, and imagine Carl’s Greef with the same treatment. It’s a must-get if you’re not the type who only collects masks. My collection sure started that way, though… “I didn’t want it to come to this. But then [I] broke the code.” And the wallet. F^&%!

3.) Moff Gideon

While Moff wound up tied for #2 on Yak’s list, he’s also my personal #2 after Beskar Armor Mando. Two reasons: 2.) That Darksaber tho, 1.) Gus from Los Pollos Hermanso in full Star Wars cosplay! Hell yeah! Unlike the calm, gentle cartel boss in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Giancarlo Esposito‘s Gideon is a hot-head that won’t think twice about dicing his own Stromtroopers and fellow Imperial officers to get what he wants (wait.. but that also kinda sounds like Gus!). Moff’s also just as tactical and can play mind-games with the best of them. Again, Gids will have the goods–the accessory we all want and an armor ‘n caped look we all should appreciate.

2.) The Armorer

Sans the titular character, of course, and Captain Phasma (oh, poor Captain Phasma..), The Armorer is legit the first “Game of Thrones” character to appear in Star Wars. Kidding, kidding, but this Mrs. Fix-It was as meaningful to Djarin’s survival as any other and has a straight-up medieval appearance. Pretty dope. Her Funko Pop already looks cool, and those who chose the Incinerator Stormtrooper from our previous list will no doubt be throwing this Armorer to the mix. This is the way.

1.) Kuiil

Bet you didn’t know that this Ugnaut was voiced by Nick Nolte, did ya? So many legends on this list today. Blue Chips! Second to only “Baby Yoda”, Kuiil became quite the pop culture icon himself coming out of The Mandalorian before we all cried “noooooo, not the blurrg!” when that damn scout trooper snatched The Child from his grasp. I’m pretty sure that this former vaporer farmer-turned-craftsman/mechanic/lil’ gremlin protector was never meant to be this impactful to the Star Wars lore, but he rocked it. Alien characters have never been terribly popular in the Black Series line, but maybe that’s all about to change.

We have spoken.

-Travis Moody

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