THE OUTER WORLDS [E3 2019]: Fallout’s Infinite Skies.

“Sister” Sarah Obloy

THE OUTER WORLDS (Private Division/Obsidian Entertainment – X1/PS4/PC – October 25, 2019) – Space…the final frontier. As imagined by Obsidian games, that frontier is less high-tech paradise and more Wild West outpost, where smuggling is acceptable and everything has a price. In The Outer Worlds, the newest sandbox style RPG game from Obsidian, you journey into a civilization that is part Fallout, part movie western…

The lands are populated by foul mouth tavern owners, genetically altered animal stock, and enough tongue-in-cheek/punny dialogue to keep you amused as you play. Your character is created as a blank slate, neutral until your gameplay builds their character; you can choose to be a good guy, a bad one, or something in between.

Branching dialogue during quests allows you to send the story –and your character– where you want it to go, and your choices and their effectiveness are helped or hurt by your skills: lying, charisma, and the like. Your character comes with its own tiny posse, and all of your qualities can work together to enhance your play (or hinder it, depending on how you roll the metaphorical dice).

The game doesn’t have the sharpest visuals, but they lend themselves well to the gritty feel of the overall game, and the demoed gameplay runs smoothly. Plus, who can resist the opportunity to gain access to areas by flirting in binary with the patrolling robot guards?

For those of you with the game, and perhaps struggling with it, you can always check out a guide to help you along. Gnarly Guides gives the best advice and perks on The Outer Worlds game for those of you who are fans; there’s no shame in a helping hand!

Overall, The Outer Worlds E3 behind closed door demo offers a strong showing, and should be in the “need to play” list for anyone who enjoyed the Fallout/Bioshock series or likes a little strategy in their gameplay.4/5 Bibles.

-Sarah Obloy

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