THE RESISTANCE #1 [Comic Review]:…Is NOT Futile!

Jason “Bad Preacher” Bud
THE RESISTANCE #1 – AWA Studios/Upshot

It’s Wednesday, March 11th, 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) openly declares the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is now a global pandemic…

It’s Saturday, March 21st, 2020. Day 10 of what some may someday call World War V(irus); meanwhile, certain media (hysteria?) sources are claiming the rate of new Covid-19 cases are globally exponentializing…

As we stink further down the viral of this unprecedented dystopi-hole, this potential Shangri-Last Call before the lights may go over and outboard motor home lodging somewhere in the San Bernadino crystal methamphetamine desert oasis station, I find myself seemingly unholy-rollerballs-deep in such a “New Abnormal” state of cognitive dissonance, that I sit here now, slack-jaw-yokeled, skivvy-ankled, and all alone, reviewing The Resistance #1, from AWA/Upshot Studios, as nightfall has descended upon the 240th hour of our softly-imposed Governor Gavin Newsom Lockdown, out here, in Lost Angeldust, Califorlornia…

Nothing unusual here…

Brought to you by our sponsors: J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Amazing Spider-Man) Doomsayer for Hire; Mike Deodato, Jr. (New Avengers, Old Man Logan) Pencil-mad Ink-slinger; Frank Martin (Absolute Carnage, Venom) Spectral Splatter Master; and Sal Cipriano (Hellblazer, Red Robin) Letterman ‘O War, in amazing biotechnicolor!!!

You ever suffered an unrelenting craving to go full-on meta-narrative and exponentialize your blunderlust for all things endemic, epidemic, pandemic, megademic, ultrademic, and maybe even transatlanti-demic???

Well…if you have a hankering for some dystopia porn beyond your most 2-Pacalyptic desires, then creamagine if you swill, you’re clownsucking Bozone out of President Piss-Colored Cotton Candy Wig’s cakehole upon the surface of an alternate Earth so identical to our own that you can’t quite discern where the actual Coronapalooza we’re living in now ends and the one betwixt the comic book pages you’re holding in your sweaty palms begins.

I wanna smoke the Bud that Jason’s smokin’!

Are you going to keep knuckle-shuffling the page-pump hoping that you’ll receive some kind of prognosticatorial payoff that might glean you the vision to discern how our own Covid-19 on Elm Street might end, or do you just roll that bitch up and smoke it like you’re a pot-headed Stacy Keach turning into a human iguana in Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams (1981)?

Would you rejoice in any manner of exaltation if you were to discover that this fictitious form of bioterrorism we speak of, might be some viral phenomenon that only exists within the pages of The Resistance #1 comic book? You know, the same phenomenon that might result in the inner human body experiencing a Chunky Soup-consistency modification meltdown; or perhaps something else beyond the pale of human genomenclature?

What if you were to discover that some of those who’ve survived this might’ve undergone some kind of bio-genetic transformation that might’ve irrevocably rendered them unto an unprecedented age of transhumanity so inexplicable that we presently have no manner of knowing where things will begin or end from here? Either that was too much of a potential spoiler, or I just pissed and vinegar’d into the punch bowl too much on this one.

Is this lunacy too close to homeostasis for someone to want to ponder? Or is this just some kind of X-Men reboot shit with an indie comic label backdrop portending to be some kind of halcyon gift-wrap cinched atop the peanut-riddled turd of global pandemic martial lawlessness we may soon be experiencing right the fkk outside our own windows any moment now? Well…there may still be time to rise and resist that reaper madness…and AWA/Upshot’s The Resistance #1 might be some kind of guiding light to help ease those present survival pains… 5/5 Coronapalooza Backstage Disaster Passovers.

– Jason Bud

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