The Shield invades the.. WWE? Holy $h*t! Holy $h*t!

No, guys. Not Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos. But, rather, three castoffs from World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT division:

-Dean Ambrose

-Seth Rollins

-Roman Reigns

The Who?

And that’s for trying to place those black long-sleeve t-shirts on backorder.

Trust me, these guys are impressive. After their unbelievable Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at the.. well.. TLC Pay-Per-View versus Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) and Ryback (a.k.a. New-Berg), The Shield may prove the most vicious stable to hit pro wrasslin’ since the N.W.O.

Even cooler, these new guys even denounced any sort of New World Order intentions; The Shield have instead placed their destructive dominance for “justice” over pure comedic rebellion. And it couldn’t come at a better time, with Triple H and the boys in the back turning their most prevalent villains to babyfaces: the aforementioned Kane & Bryan, The Miz, and even Alberto Del Rio.

When Chris Jericho’s scheduling woes deterred his umpteenth comeback (look for him at January’s Royal Rumble, otherwise do they really need him when they already have a Y2Jish “good guy” Miz?) and Brock Lesnar did what Brock does (quit before he begins), The Shield couldn’t arrive at a better time, as their performance at TLC proved this will be no flash-in-the-pan situation, either.

People, people, people. These newbies beat down ECW legend Tommy Dreamer! They pummeled, without hesitation, the ever-stubborn “Nature Boy” Ric Flair! I mean, the “Nayyyy-ture Boy!”

Yes, that same guy who had only been growing older by the second over at TNA/Impact — with that same wonderful golden flowing hair — had returned to the WWE.

At least for one night.

“Millions of Dollars” my white ass, Titus!

Let’s face it: WWE fans have been clamoring for an NWO for quite some time now, and yet while these young thugs might prove “no-names” to some, they certainly proved worthy of that ultimate threat status. Now, if they keep adding worthy members to the stable each month– that’ll be something.

Hmm…this reminds me… Why have Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins threatened the rest of the WWE with “The Sword”? I mean, this pastor highly doubts these dudes were referring to the good folks over at the Sentient World Observation and Response Department. We’re well past midnight on 12/21/12, Abigail Brand and Lockheed won’t be needed to conquer any extraterrestrial terrorist attacks in the WWE. No, “The Sword” could very well in fact be.. Brock, especially since The Shield has steered clear of Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman and anyone associated with him (WWE Champion CM Punk).

But I’d still put money on Les’  content enough nesting up his kidneys with Sable over in Minnesnowta.

If not Brock, think maybe Agent Phil Coulson is available? Vic Mackey?

  • I beat Dishonored. While Bethesda’s latest IP was certainly a standout over at E3, I couldn’t help but feeling a little mixed about the end result. With that, I mean ending. Before I dig into yet another end-game-disappointment (see Halo 4), Dishonored ended up a tad differently than expected — in both positive and negative ways. Firstly, this reviewer swore the publishing developers of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — arguably one of the greatest medieval role-playing games ever — would make Dishonored the steampunk skinned open world version of Skyrim. While the first person gameplay certainly reflects 2011’s GHG Game of the Year, Corvo’s missions play
    New Bedford, Massachuetts in 1862. Ain’t a damn thing changed.

    much more linearly than that. With that said, there’s typically several ways to accomplish these goals. Also, it’s far easier to remain stealth in Dishonored than say Assassin’s Creed or Goldeneye, particularly when you can save your game at will. Saving your game whenever you want proves a huge benefactor if you’d rather choose to hide in the catacombs for most of the game. If any of those assholes find you and alert the rest of the other sissies, you can just reload to your last game point and try to hide-and-sneak again. As the game progresses, more soldiers will become abundant, and there’s a huge twist that sends the gameplay into a freakish horror-show with BAMFing ninjas. Yes, Dishonored certainly flips the menial tasks towards a higher level.. only to crack like a wooden plank. I’m not quite sure if its publishing deadlines or lack of thinking the story through the whole way before creating, but a lot of games these days have been more about “the journey” than “the destination.” Thankfully, Dishonored is a uniquely exciting journey through a mid-1800’s Victorian seaport with top-notch art direction and arousing power augmentation. That, I can certainly recommend.

4 (out of 5) Bibles. Would have received a higher score if the story was more flourished and the “big baddy” existed. If you loved Skyrim and are fond of those strange days of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, you’ll love this game’s look and feel. There are 9 very distinct missions, despite the redundancy of its intentions. A top 10 game of 2012, fa sho.

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