The SUNDAY STASH [Mini-Reviews]: The Kingsman VerseVenom.

The SUNDAY STASH [Mini-Reviews]: The Kingsman VerseVenom.

“Sister” Sarah G

Written by Rob Williams with art by Simon Fraser, Kingsman: The Red Diamond starts out like your usual British secret service story — Eggsy is off to rescue Prince Phillip from dastardly men. The writing and story structure of the first half of the book make this a great read for anyone, whether you’re already a Kingsman fan or reading for the first time. What starts out as a Bondian story takes a turn for the weird when the Red Diamond is introduced; it becomes way more sci-fi and horror than spy story — and I totally read the whole thing in a really bad British accent. 4/5 Martinis – Stirred, not Shaken.

Scales and Scoundrels is a new comic is part Dungeons & Dragons, part adventure card game — with a dash of Disney hero thrown in. Luvandar is a street rat who longs for adventure in the great wide somewhere….and a full belly. Girnier and Galaad have created a slightly irreverent take on the D&D adventure model, and literally start the story with a rousing card game in a tavern. All table top role playing game afficionados should add this ine to their list. 3.5/5 Bibles. – Sarah Obloy

“Cardinal” Roberto de Bexar

At first glance, Venomverse seems like a kind of silly, albeit cool, idea. Seeing all of your favorite characters in the black symbiote?? Sign me up. Then.. the thought of yet ANOTHER damned crossover crosses your mind. Ugh. Thankfully, Cullen Bunn‘s Venomverse take has Eddie Brock’s Venom being sucked into another dimension where a Dr. Strange covered symbiote has recruited various symbiote covered heroes to fight against “the poison”. Oh yeah–another alien race looking to devour the symbiote across the various dimensions.

Just like Monsters Unleashed, you can tell that Bunn is having a lot of fun with this series despite some dialogue that drags, especially that with Eddie Brock. Fladh Thompson or not, Nick Bradshaw’s artwork is crisp, clean and full of venom. 3.75/5 Bibles. – Robert Bexar

“Deacon E” Esko

WHAT!? Sebastian can jump in the comic– but not in the game!!?? Unacceptable. However, INTERLUDE is a visually perfect match to the environment of The Evil Within, thanks to Damien Worm (the most apt named for an artist on a book ever?). The story itself, from Void Trip‘s Ryan O’Sullivan, reads a lot like the cut scenes of the game despite the lack of gore and in-game intensity. 4/5 Bibles. –Esko Robinson

“El Sacerdote” J.L. Caraballo Twitter @captzaff007

A quiet reprieve setting up whatever Ironheart might have brewing, this issue finds Riri Williams awoken to a near-utopia future overseen by a 126 year old Sorcerer Supreme, Tony Stark. This is a quiet, self-contained issue with luscious art, but not so much an integral issue as an inspirational set-up. I doubt you miss much if you miss this. 3/5 Mini Iron Man Robot Helpers. – J.L. Caraballo