The SUNDAY STASH [Mini-Reviews]: The WebHEAD Verse The Flash.

The Amazing Spider-Man 790 Fall Of Parker

“I’ve dealt with people hating Spider-man, but this is…different. Harder. Maybe because it’s not Spider-man they hate this time.”

My how the tables have turned on poor Peter Parker. Spider-Man is loved (for the most part) and Peter Parker is now considered a menace. This issue of The Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott and Christos Gage delves into the strain that shutting down Parker Industries has on him as the issue starts off with Peter sitting in and having to explain to every employees why the company has to close its doors and how he himself takes responsibility for the events leading to everyone losing their jobs. This issue continues on as Peter suits up as the web-slinger in an effort to clear his head only to end up running into the Human Torch who’s very upset as well that Parker Industries is closing up shop. That’s not all either, on top of all this, a formidable enemy takes advantage of the situation to get back what belongs to him.


                                         NEVER HAVE MY OWN BOOK!!!! UGHHHH

“4/5 Web Thwips”

Ramirez (Twitter: @Nerdy_Hero)

The Flash #33 Bats Out of Hell pt1

This issue of The Flash kicks off a crossover that is equal parts action and intrigue, like a comic book version of a “Bat” Steel cage match. It sets up an event that, if all goes as promised, will be ludicrously entertaining, and while it’s mostly just the undercard to the Main Event, there’s a surprising amount of depth in the script. This first part is written by Joshua (Nailbiter) Williamson with amazing pencils by Howard (Justice League 3000) Porter. It follows a brief recap of Metal #3’s ending, shedding a bit more light on the somewhat confusing events that took place. Leaving Flash and Steel vs the Doomsday version of Batman, Devatator and Murder Machine who’s inspired by Cyborg.  While the duo are in the Fortress fighting for their lives, three other groups of heroes have made their separate ways across the universe to find stray traces of Nth metal: Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate and Kendra Saunders went to the Rock of Eternity; Aquaman and Deathstroke headed under Atlantis; and Hal Jordan, Mr. Terrific, and Plastic ManEgg search for Thanagar.





From there, the Dark Knights effectively capture each of the Justice Leaguer’s in their own version of “Batcave Hell,” Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman are left in specially designed Batcaves.


I won’t say this was the best issue of the Flash I’ve read in some months, but if you have been hooked on every installment of Dark Nights Metal then you will love the continuing story.

“4/5 BatFlash’s agree 

 Lance Paul (IG @the.travelingnerd) 


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