The Ultimate KICK-ASS SummerSlam [Podcast]: Take that, Mother#$%^&*!!!


With a weekend fully loaded with the self-proclaimed “hottest event of the summer” and the much-anticipated sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s near-classic crime-crushing clown caper, GHG just had to throw it all at ya in one.

“The Shield” got nothin’ on THIS.

And that’s OK.

Join the “Reverend” Joe Rivera, “Sister” Sherice, “Monsignor” Travis Moody and, our latest contributing clergymember to the congregation, the “Bishop” Richard Zom, as we dig into whether Kick-Ass 2 surpasses the superior original, reveal and analyze the long-awaited roster of WWE 2K14, and run down the card for SummerSlam 2013 — complete with predictions and even some good ol’ classic wrasslin’ speak (yes, there are references to even Koko B. Ware!).

Maybe Sting IS coming to the WWE after all… Uh, what?

CLICK HERE to download the Ultimate Kick-Ass SummerSlam Podcast. (Cut to 30:30 if you want to avoid SPOILERS for Kick-Ass 2 and ONLY want to hear our SummerSlam Preview/WWE 2K14 Roster Reveal!)

CLICK HERE to stream the Podcast.

#fullretard! And we’re out…

[WARNING: The Podcast contains gratuitous language only suitable for a Kick-Ass Podcast. Keep the kids away/not office friendly. Thanks!]

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