There’s a catastrophic event in the future of MarvelNOW!, and only Cable and X-Force can stop it.




Apologizes my faithful readers, other gigs and projects have had me swamped for the past two weeks. What a week to miss too! I missed all the fun of Avengers 1# — but Moody didn’t, check out his review — and what a bigger Avengers entails!  Not to worry though, I have been graced with the time traveling pirate and he is back and ready to play soldier.

We have seen many interpretations of the one eye’d bionic armed future freedom fighter named Cable. Nathan Summers started off as the love child of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, was sent to the future to cure the techno organic virus until he came back to our present time to save us from our future…and bad X-Men stories.  Most recently after returning from another future of raising baby Hope and surviving Avengers: X-Sanction, Cable had his techno-organic virus absorbed by the Phoenix. With this new lot on life, Cable found his brain clouded/crowded/confounded(?) with visions of the near future.

Nathan has now decided that his old team needs to be brought back together for one last mission….until the next Marvel revamp, of course.

So yet while Deadpool’s former best pal Nate Dawg may be back — and has anyone been “back” more often? — he has definitely been left.. lacking.  You see, minus the full powers, the bionic arm, Cable’s new X-Force consists of a ragtag band of mutants that makes up for where he lacks.

Mutant mercenary, Domino, delivers all of her good luck streaks. After Cable repairs Forge’s damaged brain, the former X-Men: The Animated Series brainiac creates a new bionic arm and agrees to use his mutant power to invent the impossible on the fly. The mad scientist Doctor Nemesis, with a mutant ability of highly evolved intellect (and two duel wielded handguns don’t hurt either!), has also signed on for Cable’s adventure. The last to join Nathan’s team will be Colossus, fresh off his omni-powerful rant as both the holder of Cyttorak and a Phoenix, is in need of redemption.

Not shockingly, on the road and finding Nathan as the only home left, Hope also joins the fun.

The first issue is a great start off for whats to come.  After a failed first mission with the Uncanny Avengers on their heals, Cable and the X-Force have to stay one step in front of the Whedon’s boys. While that’s merely the plotline, new/reconstructed Marvel writer Dennis Hopeless is, if nothing else, superb at character development. If what he accomplished with Lovestruck and is any indication, fans of the old school X-Force are in for a roller coaster.

This faithful Apostle labels it a 4 bible fun book!

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