TROVER SAVES THE UNIVERSE [Review]: F’ing Hilarious.

Robert “The DCD” Workman

The moment that you hear Justin Roiland and Squanch Games are involved with the development of a game, you know that normalcy is pretty much thrown right out the window. Relax, that’s a good thing, but that also means that a conventional audience isn’t exactly what the game has in mind either. That’s pretty much the case with Trover Saves the Universe, a pseudo 3D platforming adventure with virtual reality elements that’s definitely on the randy side. In fact, randy is a kind word for it – this game hammers home the R-rating like it’s going out of style.

The game focuses on a benevolent monster that has taken your puppy dogs and used them for ultimate power by shoving them into his eye sockets. (Long story.) That’s when you’re visited by an unlikely hero named Trover who becomes your partner, shoving babies into his eyesockets and asking you for your help. See, the babies are his power, and along the way, he picks up other babies that make him more powerful, and they devour other babies and…you know what, it just gets weird.

But it also gets hilarious. In typical Roiland fashion, Trover’s dialogue borderlines on diabolically funny. It isn’t afraid to go down the R-rated route with F-bombs and decorative conversation, and fans of Rick and Morty will be thrilled with the sound-alikes found here. There’s also some imaginative new characters as well, such as the Doopy-Dooper, who’s pretty damn funny, despite wearing out her welcome a little too quickly.

Damn X button is stuck again.

The game features some imaginative puzzle solving, in which you’ll have to use your character’s shifting chair perspective to get around. You can also use Trover’s lightsaber (not an actual lightsaber, but a light-up sword, if you will) to strike some enemies, including weird beak creatures that sound just like Rick (and are very frank, just like him). It’s all good fun, though there are times that the perspective can be a bit tough on a regular television, since the game was built with VR in mind. Still, it’s quite playable, and good fun.

Roiland and Squanch Games did an excellent job with the game’s design, particularly with Trover’s puzzles and characters. They’re quite imaginative, even if the game is more adult-oriented than we expected. And, of course, the audio’s a winner, thanks to Roiland and company putting on a show with their voice acting. And the music’s good fun too, even if it’s not a full-on score as many thought it would be. No matter, it fits the bouncy mood of the game.

The only downside is that it’s not too long a game. I finished Trover off within a matter of hours. Fortunately, there are bonus babies to find throughout the game, and the more you find, the more Trover insists he’s going to get “high as f*ck”, and the more bonus stuff you find. And there’s free downloadable content that will continue to extend the adventure, so kudos to Roiland and company for bringing that along.

Trover Saves the Universe won’t be a game for everyone. It’s bizarre and definitely something that won’t be for those that can’t take heavy adult language and scenarios. But its weirdness should be embraced by those that can take it, and its design should be appreciated, particularly by those with PlayStation VR. Even if you don’t have it, though, the game will leave you laughing far more than you thought you would. Double that factor if you’re a Rick and Morty fan. 4/5 Babies Shoved Into Eye Sockets.

-Robert Workman

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