TUROK 2 – SEEDS OF EVIL [Nintendo Switch Review]: You’re Going This Hunt Alone.

Robert “The DCD” Workman

Nightdive Studios has managed to create a nice little niche for itself over the years, remastering a number of classic games in wonderful form. This includes Forsaken, the upcoming System Shock, and, as of recently, the Turok games from the Nintendo 64 era.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil previously saw a huge re-release on the Xbox One front, with very effective results. Now it’s on Nintendo Switch, and while it’s a suitable port of the game, we can’t help but feel like it’s not quite complete. That’s because, well, it isn’t…

Granted, you still get your money’s worth here, and a lot of the guns that the Dinosaur Hunter carries here are still rad as hell. But the game’s signature multiplayer is nowhere to be found, leaving you with just the single player campaign for the time being. That’s a bit of a bummer, considering how it was so much fun to launch the Cerebral Bore on opponents. But at least the core game is still intact, and still a lot of fun.

The second game picks up where the first left off, with Turok kicking more butt and taking names as he battles human and monster enemies alike, with a cavalcade of weapons at his disposal. This time around, the levels are much larger, requiring a bit of exploration and backtracking in some cases. But it pays off, especially as you get your hands on some kick-ass weaponry, including a monster of a rifle that can pick off an enemy from a distance, as well as that sweet, sweet Cerebral Bore.

Hook, line and snicker.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil looks solid on the Nintendo Switch, with a very fluid frame rate. Like the original Turok, it’s not the most detailed game around, but it’s a big hit for nostalgic gamers. It looks like just like its N64 counterpart, right down to the overdramatic death animations and beautiful locales. And the gory explosions are a trip, especially once that Bore is going full swing. Of course it’s awesome.

The game’s performance is also pretty sweet on the portable front, making this a fun game to take on the go as well. On top of that, the audio is good as well, with fun cinematic music, good sound effects, and decent speech.

I don’t see dinosaurs?

The gameplay is a lot of fun too. You can unleash all sorts of destruction with your weapons at hand, and even bump up the difficulty if you want to take on a challenge. What’s more, the game’s cheat codes are completely intact, if you feel like unlocking things right away. They’re a real trip, even if they do feel like cheating in some places.

That said, the omission of multiplayer is a bummer. I mean, we’ve seen other games of this nature include their multiplayer and run like a charm. Why Nightdive couldn’t do co-op here is very questionable. Maybe they’ll patch it in the future. I really hope they do, as the game just doesn’t feel the same without it.


But I digress. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil still has a good deal of content to check out, and it’s worth picking up for its low price. It’s not nearly as complete as its Xbox One and PC counterparts, but it’s a fun little retro treat for those of you that feel like diving into the N64 era. Even if it is for a shorter time than expected. 3.5/5 Exploded Heads. 

-Robert Workman

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