VENOMVERSE [Comics Preview]: To Live in a Venomized World…

Eddie Brock is leading a venomized Venomverse in this summer’s huge crossover event. Nerdist has exclusive pictures of interlocking covers that comprise the cast of venomized characters such as Black Panther and Ghost Rider. They also revealed concept art of particular characters who are blessed with a Venom touch.

Writer Cullen Bunn and editor Devin Lewis promise that Bunn’s horror chops will greatly influence the tone of Venomverse, with plenty of humor and 90s event excitement thrown in the mix.

The main series will be supplemented with Edge of Venomverse, which will show plenty more Marvel characters settling into their venomized states. Si Spurrier, Tigh Walker, Clay McLeod Chapman, James Stokoe, and Ryan Key are some of the creators involved with Edge of Venomverse. If those books aren’t enough for you, there will also be an anthology book called Venomverse: War Stories.

Venomverse #1 is released the first week of September. But you can whet your appetite until then with Edge of Venomverse #1 which will be released on June 28th.

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