VIKINGS [Season 2 Finale Review]: Hustle & Floki.

Thinking he has Ragnar’s family “taken care of”, Horik (perhaps the son of Rick and a village whore) sets for the “siege of Asgard” until he runs into The Mighty Lagertha. You don’t want to run into The Mighty Lagertha. As the camera lens ultimately turn red, I couldn’t help but think of Vin Dies from Pitch Black when he says they “didn’t know who it was fucking with.” Again, you don’t mess with my lady.

Since this has been such a glorious week of Star Wars, you do remember — as much as you don’t want to — when Anakin went berserk and slaughtered all the padawans in Episode III, right? Then being asked to leave Horik’s kids alone because of Ragnar’s plan should send you similar shivers. Let’s just say the Viking people received the same shivers, too. Yup — History Channel went there. If nothing else, the wonderful artistic style of  the scene needed to be viewed instead of told, equal parts Viking warrior honor and vengeance unleashed. Just leave the kids in bed.

Just how I like 'em!
Just how I like ’em!

Final thoughts on Season Two: Gustaf Skarsgard became the star of the season, and should receive mega-points for his character arc. More than just Ragnar’s trusted battle buddy, Floki showcased several different personas: Becoming a father, losing faith in Ragnar, and working both sides when dealing with Horik. He went from mere comic relief to multidimensional incarnate.

Of course, your Divine one can’t leave without speaking on the finest Earl around those parts (oh, just indulge me a minute), as Katheryn Winnick ups her bad ass self again. The actress takes Lagertha and excels in being courageous, fierce, loving, and intelligent. She wouldn’t accept playing second best to ex-and-on-and-off-again-hubby Ragnar. Abuse that. Did I mention how ridiculously hot this woman is?! I have? Sorry. (But not really sorry.)

In all, another fantastic season for Vikings, even so much I’d argue it was better than the first. Kudos to the History Channel for embracing these creators, and for letting them put out a show anyone would be proud of.

4.5 (out of 5) Battle Axes.
4.5 (out of 5) Battle Axes.


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