WALKING DEAD WEEKLY [Season 8 Review]: 8.03 “Monsters”.

WALKING DEAD WEEKLY [Season 8 Review]: 8.03 “Monsters”.

The Walking Dead 8.03 “Monsters” Review

Proof that Walking Dead keeps out-of-work actors working!

“I’m not right, I know that I’m not right, but that doesn’t make me wrong” – Morgan

Welcome back to another episode of The Walking Dead, where the people are more dangerous than the zombies. This weeks episode continues right where last weeks episode left off. King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Carol (Melissa McBride) start the show off by outsmarting and flanking some Saviors as they continue to take out more and more Savior compounds. We then return to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) as he faces Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja). Of course Rick being Rick, he attempts to reach out to him through their short but mutual history together, but that doesn’t last long before their conversation gets stopped short by Daryl (Norman Reedus). Unfortunately, the Saviors that are still being ambushed/distracted outside are turned on to our heroes actual plan and start making their way back inside to take out Rick and Daryl.

We do get some resolution to Aaron’s (Ross Marquand) tragic arch that’s currently happening outside the compound. When we last saw him, he was caring his boyfriend Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) out of the line of fire after taking a bullet to the gut last week. Now we pick right up as Aaron brings him to a tree and after having some kind words and a passionate kiss, Aaron returns to battle leaving his beloved behind. Will this be the last we’ll ever see of his lover? Only time will tell as we’re led to believe by the end of the episode that he died, turned into the walker, and simply walked off into the sunset with his zombie brothers. But don’t let that bring you down, remember baby Gracie from last weeks episode? Well once all the shooting is done, Aaron volunteers to take Gracie with him, becoming what can only be assumed as her new adoptive father.

Fine I’ll watch but please quite with the bad storylines!

The shows not over yet folks, we find Jesus (Tom Payne) and friends as they make their way back to the Hilltop with some Savior refugees. As you can imagine, Morgan (Lennie James) is not too pleased about this. Even to the point that him and Jesus get into it in a little one-on-one action ending with Morgan apparently leaving the group behind and going off on his own.

Jose Ramirez

Once we get to the Hilltop we find Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is at the front gates begging to be let back in after betraying everyone by going to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Maggie (Lauren Cohan), against her better judgment let’s him in just as Jesus returns with the Saviors refugees, Maggie is left with the choice to either let them in or kill them all right then and there. Finally, to end this episode on a cliffhanger we return to King Ezekiel and Carol as they celebrate not losing a single man but that’s not how The Walking Dead works, all their celebrating goes away quick as the show end with the group being gun down by a hidden figure in a window. Did they all die? Who’s left alive? Who’s the hidden figure in the window? You’ll just have to find out in next weeks episode of TWD!

2.5/5 Lost Zombies. 


The Walking Dead 8.02 “The Damned” Review

                 Rick is in almost as much trouble as ‘The Walking Dead.’

“I don’t die.” – Morgan

That seems to be the case after this weeks episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, in which Morgan (Lennie James) goes full John Wick on the Saviors as the story picks up moments after last weeks episode. Slowly revealing more and more of our main protagonists plan to over throw Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. The episode starts off with a small caravan of cars getting the jump on a Savior outpost providing the perfect distraction for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) to sneak in through the back in an attempt to steal back the ‘BIG BOY guns’ that were taken from them at the end of last season.

Khary Payton as Ezekiel

At another Savior outpost we have more of our “heroes” Morgan, Jesus, etc. sneaking their way in and taking over the place, but not without casualties. Morgan seemingly among them. Yet somehow he seems to have survived, but not without finally letting the gravity of the situation hit him causing him to *snap* and go all Terminator mode, killing his way through the halls until he finally reaches Jesus (Tom Payne) along with the rest of his group. It’s here where Morgan is faced again with the concept of Mercy when Jesus calms Morgan down before he almost kills one of the Saviors that’s been teasing Morgan from last season. Remember the long haired hippie that Morgan had locked in the basement? On the opposite spectrum, Jesus’ subplot throughout the episode was one of keeping his humanity, even in times of war, meaning he will not shoot an unarmed man. Even if it almost gets him killed.

Jose Ramirez

King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Carol (Melissa McBride) have their own part to play in this weeks episode. They are searching for the Savior that got away from them at the end of last weeks episode after throwing a flashbang grenade and running to warn the rest of the Saviors. All together this storyline was pretty boring, with not much happening besides Ezekiel’s optimism and Shiva having a nice snack. The episode ends back with Rick as he’s faced with a familiar face (from Season One) and a gun to his head telling him the rest of the Saviors have been called and reinforcements are on their way. 3/5 Call of Zombies.