WESTWORLD [Series Premiere Face-Off]: Final Fantasy.

Derek "Divine" Vigeant @uncledarryl37
Derek “Divine” Vigeant

GEEK – Like many of you dweebs, I’ve been waiting for Westworld since last year–yeah, when it was originally supposed to come out. So you can imagine the frenzied anticipation one would have waiting for this to finally air. Like cinematic gold, it’s a “TV show” with a beyond incredible look. Westworld‘s jaw-dropping cinematography pulled me right into this Old Western world with sweeping camera shots and a much different look we’re accustomed to…


(Cont.) Normally when we’re taken back to this time, everything is dirty, run-down, or, hell, cheap looking. While it still does have the traditional appearance of the time period, everything looks newly built. The glasses in the bars don’t have the smallest scratch like they just came from Old Ye Crate N’ Barrel; same goes for many of the costumes the “hosts” and “new arrivals” are wearing. While everyone is in period piece clothing, it all looks brand new and perfectly tailored from the best quality. All of these elements make sense, of course, since the corporation behind creating this world would have to construct/tailor everything brand new.

"Reverend" Lauro Rojas @Snarky_motif
“Reverend” Lauro Rojas

NERD – Allow me to sum up all of your fashion “sense” in a mere quote, Mr. Divine: “These violent delights have violent ends”. And with that, the wheels began moving on the long-awaited, extremely hyped, Westworld. It’d be blasphemous to dismiss Westworld as nothing more than a simple Western in the vain of Deadwood. On the surface yes, that’s what it is; but when you see J.J. Abrams‘ name you know that not all is what it seems.

"And they say people don't watch 'Westerns' anymore!"
“And they say people don’t watch ‘Westerns’ anymore!”

“Divine” DEREK VIGEANT: J.J., oh Geek God and all, yes, but! Before we go, Laur-o.. we can’t leave without mentioning the exceptionally stellar cast that Abrams and his fellow producers have assembled. Besides all the big names (Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood etc.), they have they have not slacked on covering the small parts. It’s the perfect game that I know many of us like to play in “hey it’s that guy” or “I know I’ve seen that person before.” With actors like Angela Sarafyan (AHS), Rodrigo Santoro (300), Currie Graham (Agent Carter), and Michael Wincott (The Crow), to name a few, it’s a great sign that this team cares enough to bring experienced talent to make the show as strong as possible. 4.5/5 Horseflies.

“Reverend” LAURO ROJAS: Ensembles, yes, but I’d argue it’s as–if not more–important that this Westworld checks our morals at the door and takes us through the plight of these characters, hosts and guests. It begs to question, how depraved and animalistic are we to live our wildest, deepest, darkest, fantasies at the expense of autonomous beings in a world that we don’t deem as “real”? And finally how much is enough? All I know is that the series premiere was pitch perfect in the sense that it left this viewer craving more. 5/5 Bibles.

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