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Exit Wounds is a fun trip down memory lane with some legendary comic writers and artists. And while this issue offers untold tales of the man known by many names, it all feels a little been there done that.

The first story, “Red in Tooth and Claw” by Wolverine alumni Larry Hama and Scot Eaton is a tale of Wolverine/Logan’s early days right after he’s been mind wiped and bonded with the breakable metal adamantium. The artwork is some of Eaton’s best, and Hama hasn’t missed a beat; but what is the point really? Haven’t we all read this story or some vision of it many times over!? Now, don’t get me wrong; it’s still a good story and beautifully drawn. Yet for man who’s lived so long, Marvel seems to like to rehash stories already told. Story 1 = 3/5 Claws.

The second story, “Aftermath”, by another legendary creative team in Chris Claremont, and — one of my personal favorite artists — Salvador Larroca, is the best. It feels like something new, perhaps a forgotten memory that Logan is just remembering! Kitty and Logan are in Japan visiting an old friend when they are inevitable interrupted during dinner by goons that want to get their collective butt kicked. Go out of your way to check this portion of the comic.  Story 2 = 4/5 Claws.

“Logan” is written and drawn by Legendary comic creator Sam Keith. Sam has always been a bit of a dark horse in the comic industry with his zany art style and his off-the-wall characters, like the Maxx from Image Comics. Keith is also one of my favorite artists to this day. Splendidly sketched and fairly written, this last story is more or less a fight scene against Venom, another Marvel character that has been getting a lot of screentime/page time of late. While it’s not a bad story, there just really doesn’t seem to be any point in it. My love of Sam Keith raises this one up to 3.5/5 Claws! All in all, Story 3 not a bad toilet read.

As a whole, Exit Wounds is a solid entree into the Wolverine saga, despite some over familiarity with the story bets. If you love the creators and the character as much as I do (you hearing me, Moody?), you’d do worse than to flip through this one. 3.5/5 Claws.

-Gary Brooks

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