WONDER WOMAN 1984 [DC FanDome]: Rob vs. Rob!!!

Robert Bexar

So first off, DC Fandome is coming off a bazillion times better than Comic-Con@Home, so far. This is what I was hoping SDCC would be like. DC/WB put money into their panels and you can see that shine through in their presentation. Kicking everything off was the Wonder Woman 1984 panel and — while it might not be everything it could have been if they had been in person — it was still “not bad”.

I wish that the moderators would have asked better questions. After seeing Yvette Nicole Brown so brilliantly moderate The Sandman panel, I’m a little more annoyed here and the fans they picked could have asked better questions other than “what was your most fun moment?” I get that people like to ask those types, but everyone asks that. Think of something different to ask, nerds.

Patty Jenkins and all the stars were on board and that actually does bring something more to these panels. When you have one/third of the stars there, it shows that they weren’t really 100% on board, but seeing everyone there is nice and refreshing. Also, seeing Kristen Wiig fangirl over original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter was adorable and completely refreshing.

NOW! The new trailer was insane and amazing and every bit of the word ‘ON FIRE’. We finally got to see our first looks of the aforementioned Wiig’s Cheetah and Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord and Cheetah just looks like everything a fanboy/girl could dream of. She looks vicious and fast and someone that can go toe-to-toe with Diana Prince. Cheetah is a character that, when done wrong, could come across as goofy, but done right could/will be amazing. After the first Wonder Woman flick, I trust Patty Jenkins 100%. She shows that you can have an amazing action film and still inject humor at the right moments.

Panel = 3/5
Trailer = 5/5

Overall Presentation = 4/5 Bibles

-Robert Bexar

Rob Deep Maldonado

So… the WW84 DC Fandome Panel was too dang sugary and fake for my tastes. I had to wait through 20-minutes of artificial “I love you’s” and Gal Gadot’s and Chris Pine’s Zoolander esque persona’s to finally get a Cheetah reveal. Yup. I was present for Kristen Wiig and she looked like she was tolerating the panel and putting on face throughout the panel.

So… which Rob gave me bad review?

I’m pleased with the second Cheetah look but the CGI looks a little less terrible than Aries in the first movie but at least they stay true to the look. Thank you to GodHatesGeeks and DC Fandome for those lost 2O-minutes. I do love that Viola Davis is hosting this event since she is Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad.

Panel = 1.5/5
Trailer = 3/5

Overall Presentation = 2.25/5 Bibles

-Rob Deep Maldonado

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