WONDERCON 2015 [Wrap-Up Podcast]: We talkin’ about COMICS, man.

Ahhh… WonderCon. Will we ever figure this one out? It’s not quite San Diego Comic-Con; actually– it’s not even close. Yet, its presentation, panel and guest list is superior to, say, Comikaze in terms of scale and magnitude, and the Con is across from Disney, of all places.

(From left to right): Spencer, Zom, Moody, Stephanie, Myke, Dana.
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Yet, not one mention of Star Wars, and only TWO Marvel panels (none of the movie sort, either). Crazy place, this is! Either way, we at the Holy Congregation of Cool adore the annual Spring event, and, apparently, the good people at Comic-Con International love us @WonderCon too; over a fourth of our sprawling nerd clergy was on hand at the show, and we had plenty to say about it.

So, join us today for a swift (sans my 5-minute “why comics are cool” rant.. ahem..) WonderCon 2015 Wrap-Up show, boosted by the holy wine drunken likes of audio editor “Brother” Myke Ladiona, “Papa Justified” Spencer Fawcett, “Dynast” Dana Keels, “Bishop” Richard Zom, your host the “Monsignor” Travis Moody, and vivacious-cosplayer-yet-vicious-panel-journalist Stephanie “Lady” Croft….

If the SoundCloud doesn’t work on your mobile device, feel free to download/stream here via Mediafire.

We hope you enjoyed our show, and if you were in Anaheim over the weekend, give us a shout @GodHatesGeeks and let us know how #WonderCon2015 treated YOU!

Also, don’t forget, our infamous Bible Scale coverage of the show — ranking and rating all of the panels our parishioners saw — is coming this week. Keep it locked.

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