WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS [The Sean & Shawn Show Review]: Non Elite Wrestling

SHAWN PUFF: Whoa Sean. You look down brother. Who died? Oh wait. … It’s the Kickoff Show isn’t it? Guess that means it’s time for The Sean & Shawn Show to review WWE Clash of the Champions. I’m gonna need some beer for this one… and there will be spoilers.

SEAN FARRELL: Let’s pour one out for the PreShow Title Match that is always the 205 Cruiserweight Title Match. This was once again a stellar showing (that nobody saw) by your champion Drew Gulak defending against the up and comer Humberto Carrillo. As impressive as Humberto is, the blue chipper wasn’t able to overcome the always solid Drew. Trust me. You didn’t watch it. 2.5/5

SHAWN: Why do they always insist on putting this title here? And I almost didn’t watch it because I forgot the Preshow started at 6. I mean, football god dammit. I honestly only caught the second half of this match but it was impressive as usual, but did you expect anything less? 205 Live is dead and they’re moving the Cruiserweights to NXT. At least this will be the last time we see the purple belt on the preshow. Maybe some people will actually watch these matches now. 3.5/5

SEAN: What madness is this? AJ Styles, your US Champ is on the Flippin’ PreShow?! F’real?! Look, I, unlike my brother from another mother here, really enjoy watching Cedric Alexander work. But this was just… unnecessary and paint-by-numbers. Including the post match beatdown on Cedric by the OC. Which explains why this was a Dark Mat—-err Kickoff Show Bout. 2/5 (and a 3 Bible Beatdown)

SHAWN: I was convinced they were going to do something with Cedric here since I’m one of the few people who doesn’t like him. And then I saw it was on the Kickoff Show. I get that the Kickoff Show is free and you want to give the people something to make them buy the main show, but … oh forget it. Good match, bad spot, so nobody cared. 3/5

SEAN: Oh good, the “show” finally starts and who’s the first fella curtain jerkin’?! Why.. it’s the Universal Champion himself, Seth Rollins – playing half of the “highly coveted” Raw Tag Team Champions with his Monster Amongst Men partner Braun Strowman! Who’s gonna get these hands? Why it’s leftovers Dolph “why am I still here?” Ziggler and Robert “I used to be in the best Tag team in the world, a zillion years ago” Roode. And before you can say “wonder if these two future opponents can work as a team” your Universal Champion takes the 1-2-3 and we got New Champions! Me? I’m still looking for Beer Money to pay my tab. 2/5

SHAWN: Well, keep waiting, brother, because that just ain’t happening. My favorite part of this was when Cole said this was the first time we’ve ever seen this happen before. Ya know, since it’s the Universal Championship and not the WWF or WWE Champion. Man, do I hate Michael Cole. But seriously, they took the belts off of The O.C. (“Californiaaaaaa!!”) to put them on Seth & Braun to put them on Ziggler & Roode?? OK. Is Sunday Night Football on yet? 2.5/5

SEAN: SD Women Champion Bayley vs Charlotte “this is my town” Flair – and in the typical hometown fashion, ya lost. A little underhanded by the used to be queen of squeaky clean. No, that lawsuit Ric Flair has against the company has nothing to do with this loss, no sir. 1.75/5

SHAWN: I love that they’re actually using character development with the women now. … I wish they’d use it with the men too but hey, it’s a start right? And as far as the lawsuit goes, I’m glad. The less Charlotte the better. I just can’t unsee those pics of her and that’s not a good thing. These two aren’t even really that good anyway.  If you need a beer, this is the match to go get one during. 2.5/5

SEAN: SD Tag Champs The New Day lost to The Revival. First order of business? Dash & Wilder need to wash that pancake batter off those belts and help restore the Tag Division back to the good ol glory days of the JCP 80’s! Or.. at the very least no more Flippin Trombone nonsense. 3/5

SHAWN: YES!!! I am so over the New Day and their shuckin and jivin antics. hopefully this is the beginning of the end of this team because the trombone and the pancakes and all that other nonsense is ridiculous. What’s next? Someone dressing in black face and coming out dancing in the ring? Time to put this racist caricature of a team to rest. 3/5

SEAN: Women’s Tag Team Title Match with Champs Bliss & Nikki Cross going over and keeping their belts away from Vicious & Delicious. Pardon me. That was WCW. I meant Fire & Desire. Mandy Rose improves but still a step behind most of the women’s roster on the main shows, while Sonya never seems to fit in anywhere she is. Nikki Cross not playing Bliss’ patsy at the moment did most of the heavy lifting in this bout. Timebomb is a’ ticking on when these two come to blows. 2.75/5

SHAWN: I’m pretty sure they should have exploded that time bomb already bro. This is more Dana Warrior writing. Let’s make the women’s storylines long and drawn out and run through an entire men’s storyline in an episode of RAW. These two should have imploded when they fought for the Women’s title a few months back. Vicious & Delicious is only around because Sonya represents the LGBT community. … well that and Mandy is ridiculously hot. Not a great match and actually the match I decided to get up to make fried chicken and mac & cheese. DON’T JUDGE ME!! 2/5

SEAN: This should of been on the PreShow and not AJ v Cedric. We get a recap with Nakamura’s mouthpiece Sami Zayn so we get an Undertaker cameo. That was the highlight of this match. Once upon a time these three men where rocket strapped futures of the company. Sami was the Indy darling who took on John Cena back in 2015 when he injuries himself by getting riled up before the watch. Never recovered. Miz was the poster child of “pull yourself up from your bootstraps” his entire career. His best moment was main eventing and Mania beating John Cena in 2011. But then he got bested by The Rock moments later and never truly recovered. Nakamura? DOA as soon as he left NXT. Again, this shoulda been on the PreShow. 1/5

SHAWN: I used to love the Miz & Shinsuke. Now they’re kind of just there. ‘Member when the Intercontinental Title meant something? Pepperidge Farms remembers. I thought we were going to see the Miz win the title since he’s one title reign away from tying Jericho’s record and 21 days away from breaking Pedro Morales’ days a champion. This match wasn’t horrible, but I have to agree with my brother from someone else’s mother (and father), this should have been on the Kickoff Show. 2.5/5

SEAN: I knew Sasha was going to lose as soon as they announced they had a special on deck to air right after the PPV. That’s the kiss of death. I love when Sasha shows up ready to work. This was quick and violent and not the end of the road with these two. The whole “Becky to be fined for hitting the ref” nonsense is so dumb. Y’all have a ton of witnesses and oh I dunno, six, seven camera angles to see what really happened. C’mon. 3.5/5

SHAWN: Ehhh. I’m sick of this “The Man” gimmick. Becky isn’t Stone Cold. This whole gimmick went from organic and great, to forced and too much. Drop the Man gimmick and come up with something original that’s not her old steampunk gimmick. As a bonus, Flair will be happy again. WOOOOOO!! I love heel Sasha and they should have done this with her a long time ago. This match went up and down and at one point was about 4 bibles but settled at about 3 because of all the out of the ring nonsense. Also, how weak is that ref? He was out cold for a good five minutes. Suspend my ability of disbelief dammit. Don’t act like I’m dumb. 3/5

SEAN: SD Champ Kofi v Orton. Yawn. Just. Don’t. Care. Kofi wins. I’m over the Kofi experiment. Just move on already. 0.75/5

SHAWN: Oh joy. It’s Michigan Kingston, I mean Kofi J. Frog, I mean “HELLO MY BABY, HELLO MY DARLING, HELLO MY RAGTIME GAAL! BAY-BEEEEEEE!” Can someone please tell me why Kofi is still the Champion? I’ve got a bigger chest than this guy. And I’m about to call OSHA because there has to be tons of health violations with him tossing pancakes from his crotch into the crowd. There were a couple of cool spots. RKOs out of nowhere are always fun, but in the end, Kofi wins, nobody really cares, the crowd goes mild. Meh. 3/5

SEAN: Street Profits recap with KOTR shenanigans with a nice surprise cameo of my man King Booka, oh and Rikishi. Meh. Lion King nonsense. I didn’t dig that, suckaaaaaaa!

SHAWN: Seriously. Why does every black character have to be a joke? These two have had cringe worthy promos for the past couple of months. And King Booker. Who is okaying this racist crap? I gotta go get my fried chicken.

SEAN: We were threatened with this being the match to close the show, but thankfully they didn’t bury the town with Roman v Erick Rowan. Roman Lost ! What ?!! Clean ?! Of course not. Luke Harper is back tho’ ! That’s pretty cool. Dude said a year ago he wanted to leave, WWE said “nah. Stay home. We’ll pay you to do nuffin” which is a crime because the dude is so damn good. Rowan too. Roman needs to dump this nonsense and just get his title from Kofi and end two long winded storylines. 2/5

SHAWN: This was great. One of the best matches of the night in my opinion for the swerve alone bro. Great to see Harper back, but where are they going with this now? Are they going to both be with DB or are they just going to bring back the Bludgeon Brothers or are they going a totally different route with it? Actually, nobody cares. Just end this story because Vince messed it up way back at the first rewrite. But it was cool to see Roman eat the pin. 3/5

SEAN: Universal Champ Seth v Braun Strowman was a quick match filled with violence and hot spots. Just kidding. They once again made Braun look like a Chump Amongst Men. Seth wins, and oh goodie, the Fiend attacks Seth. I’m hoping we get a “3 Faces of Bray” remix just so we can see Husky Harris also get stomped by Seth. 2/5

SHAWN: Ugh. Let’s bury Braun even more. I was so looking forward to Braun vs the Fiend to really put the Fiend over in a big way, but I’m disappointed again as they decide to go with the worst drawing Champion of the 2000s yet again. If Seth beats the Fiend next month, we riot. 2.5/5

SEAN: This show as do most WWE PPVs (that are not TakeOvers) is a mixed bag. A lot of hard work, and questionable booking. But this time it was mostly the card placement. Everything moving forward is a good sign though. I give the show 2.25 Bibles.

SHAWN: Everything moving forward is a good sign? Are you drunk? Seth is still the champ and will probably bury the Fiend. “The Tran” Becky Lynch is still running with that played out gimmick. Dolph & Roode are tag champs. And don’t forget that Baron Corbin is probably going to be crowned King of the Ring on RAW. Good sign?? I mean, I guess it was good that this show seemed to fly by. I’ll give it that. I’m glad I had two TVs on so I could watch Sunday Night Football. This was the same old same old from the E. I’m hoping NXT doesn’t turn into this. Nothing popped for me except for the Harper return. I give this show 2.75 Bibles and I think that’s being generous. Don’t waste your time.

-Sean Farrell & Shawn Puff

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