#EAE3 & #UBISOFTE3 ’14 [TrailerPorn]: From complete tease to hour-long ‘Siege’!

We bring you more because you’re hungry. You’re hungry for more E3. More video games. Here are all of the trailers, gameplay demos and more from today’s pressers. Did EA continue being the “world’s worst company” with their efforts today? Were the current-gen (formerly next-gen) teasers for Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge enough to warm our hearts? Or was the company basically all talk and little show? And Battlefront: Hardline may have stole the hour, but is it no more than a CSI-skin on the usual series? Ubisoft continues to dominate with their IPs. But, will Unity seperate itself enough from the legendary AC series’ pack? And, every year Ubi hits us with a bombshell. Scroll down to see 2014’s.




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