MAGNETO / ROGUE TROOPER / VEIL [Reviews]: Tha Realness.


This week, I’ve saved crazy for last. Make no mistake, this book is insane in the membrane. Like a fine wine if the grapes were mixed and stomped on by Hunter S. Thompson while reading the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay in an abandoned backlot at Universal Studios.

Officially released this week, The Auteur, by Rick Spears (The Pirates of Coney Island, Repo), James Callahan on art, and Luigi Anderson supplying the dazzling colors, had a “Premature Release” a few months ago. Fitting, as this book is pure mind ejaculate. I mean that in a good way, congregation. It shines a harsh light on the pop culture industry, both comics and big budget movies, exposing all the flaws, warts and general ridiculousness of the current recycled IP corporate entertainment machine. But it does so with humor, wit, and a general middle finger attitude that will have you nodding, laughing, and in some cases, maybe even getting a little bit uncomfortable when the mirror reflects back on you. But again, in the end, this is a fun book that doesn’t take itself too seriously while following the lead, one Nathan T. Rex, a producer out of fresh ideas on a quest to get his Hollywood mojo back.

Smiiile like you mean ittttt...
Smiiile like you mean ittttt…

Reflections and satire aside, this is a comic that is happy to be a fucking comic. It is crazy, over the top, genre crossing, and comfortable in its four-color funny skin. I could sit here and talk about pacing, story flow and all that, but really, who gives a shit? Remember when you picked up that first indie comic that looked like it told a good tale, knew it was a comic and took you to a crazy world that you couldn’t wait to go back to? Well, welcome back to that feeling courtesy of the creators of The Auteur.

This is a book where the main character shares deep thoughts with a stripper nun, dives into a ludicrously visual idea space via a drug induced stream of consciousness, and gets served a cobra venom latte courtesy of Dr. Love (picture Stan Lee in a turban). In conclusion, I can’t truly describe the awesome mindfuck for you. You just have to experience it on your own. With a smile. Maybe with a cocktail in hand.

Cobra venom optional.

4.5 (out of 5) Bibles.
4.5 (out of 5) Bibles.

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