SINESTRO / HULK / SOLAR [Reviews]: Atom’s Family.

It’s a number one party and you’re all invited. So tape up those fists and let’s get ready to rumble. It’s FOC time. That’s Fistful of Comics for all you noob members of the Congregation of Cool. Your host this week, the number one, the uno, “I like comp. Bring all the suckers cause all them I’ll stomp…” Ahem, got a case of the Rob Base there for a second. Anyway, back again like it’s the first time, ready to dive fist first into another week of comic book crazy, your ever ridiculous, faithful, Guy Padre.


Sorry, Brock. THIS is "the beast incarnate!"
Sorry, Brock. THIS is “the beast incarnate!”

Cullen Bunn (Magneto, The Sixth Gun) writes, Dale Eaglesham (Justice Society of America) handles the art. Together they produce one of the best debut issues to come along in a long time. Sinestro has long been one of the preeminent villains in the DC Universe. Under Geoff Johns, his character grew to be more complex and his popularity continued to blossom right along with it. The ball is picked up here as Bunn continues to show his mastery when it comes to writing complex, not-so-heroic characters that the reader can not only care about, but root for. He delivers a story equal parts engrossing, reflective, revealing, and action-packed.

Bunn has a way of making even the most insane characters somewhat relatable. Lyssa returns to Sinestro’s side with some, uh, let’s just call them upgrades. She’s still a few cubes short of a full ice tray and her ability to push the right buttons hasn’t changed. Bunn uses her to reveal a very cool motivation for Sinestro that gets him to abandon his life of exile and pursue a new mission.

And what a way to charge your ring!

Love for his people aside, Sinestro can still be one cold motherfucker, but not even he is fully prepared for the reunion with the rest of the former Sinestro, now Arkillo Corps, which ends on a big (no spoilers), holy shit of a cliffhanger.

On the art front, flat out, Eaglesham is a superstar. His storytelling and panel layouts are dynamic. From the quiet scenes to full on fights his art is just about as A-game as it gets. In short, this is a first issue that hits it out of the park.

4.75 (out of 5) Yellow Lantern Rings.
4.75 (out of 5) Yellow Lantern Rings.







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