STAR WARS – THE CLONE WARS [Season 6 Review]: Gotta Keep ‘Em SEPERAT’d.

Marathon this, you will.

This past weekend saw the highly anticipated release of “The Lost Missions” season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Cooler, this Season 6 comes courtesy of Netflix, as the Jedi faithful have now been given the option to watch the entire 13-episode in one sitting.

But first things first. Had it not been for my good hometown friend “The Kid” Nick B just last year, I would have quite frighteningly let The Clone Wars slip by. And who could blame my late pass, since the cinematic Episodes I-III were so sorely disappointing. I then seized the opportunity to backtrack and catch up with what I now consider the second greatest “geek” cartoon ever behind only Batman: The Animated Series. Even that is debatable.

The Clone Wars is an addiction. The series even makes Anakin Skywalker appear the bad-ass he always intended to be — he is Darth Vader, after all — and has the absolute finest 3-D rendered CGI graphics in all of TV animation. Sure, a similar animated style never fully caught on with the short-lived Green Lantern and Beware the Batman toons, but with The Clone Wars, it’s been nothing short of a significantly pleasing, whimsical “little” adventure.

Of course, if you consider yourself anything close to a Warsie, you know the deal by now: Disney bought Star Wars (and just about everything else in and around your house) and, with that, the next Star Wars animated series only makes sense if shifted over from Cartoon Network to Disney XD. With anything and everything Star Wars preparing for this newfound Disney launch (JJ Abrams’ Episode VII will see light December 18, 2015 and a new line of SW comics are also coming to Marvel sometime next year), executive producers Simon Kinberg, Greg Weisman and Dave Filoni decided to shift their Clone focus to Star Wars Rebels. The new animated series set between Ep’s III and IV will premiere a one-hour special on the D and subsequently air this Fall on the XD.


Thankfully, the gang over at Lucasfilm was listening…

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