TOMB RAIDER [X1/PS4 Review]: Exploring the ‘Definitive’ Realm of Next-Gen.

Getting some play-time in with the Xbox One, issues and praises for the hardware, and why a second trip to Yamatai is warranted on Microsoft’s new console.

We’ve recently passed the two-month mark on the Xbox One’s retail launch, and needless to say, I’m impressed. The console is packing some serious power within its sexy exterior, with both a great launch lineup and a promising forecast of fresh games on the horizon. My console has seen mostly leafblower-dildo implants on the zombie masses, a la Dead Rising 3, but the entertainment options Microsoft have giddily proffered have seen their fair share of use as well.

I know I’m not the only one enjoying those Just Dance 2014 videos on Upload, and the vastly improved Kinect sensor allows for easier movie browsing, and less buttery popcorn-fingers on my Day One controller.

Sorry, Seth, but this is quite the Snooze.


But what about the home screen interface? Well, at the moment, that leaves a lot to be desired. Accessing your Friends List is easy enough, but try initiating a party chat where everyone knows to hit that little ‘enable party chat’ button. You know Mike isn’t going to, and he’s going to miss out on a totally rad joke. Fucking Mike. The same goes for finding your previous downloads on another console. I have what many Call of Duty: Ghosts gamers like to call the “gay zebra camo,” and I’ll be damned if my gay zebra couldn’t be found on every Xbox One that I physically touch. Thing is, the camo is something special I received that isn’t purchasable yet on the Xbox One; you actually have to go into your games library, find the game that you have your DLC for on another console, and hit the menu button, which brings up a prompt for your previous downloads. Whatever happened to hitting the Guide button and pulling up your recent downloads at the drop of a semtex? I’d like to see a little bit more cohesion in the coming updates for the system, and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Editing your best moments in your favorite games has become a lot easier with the Xbox One, too. Just by saying (or shouting if you’re hyped up), “Xbox, record that!,” you can have a glory-grabbing video to post for all your Xbox Live friends to see, or even upload it to SkyDrive for later posting to YouTube, Facebook, whatever-the-hell you feel like. Speaking of which– please check out my quad-kill in Ghosts using akimbo .44s with useless ACOG scopes. I’m really proud of it and, quite frankly, you should be too.

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