ALIEN / TERMINATOR / BSG [Hero Complex Film Festival ’14]: Science Friction.

ALIEN / TERMINATOR / BSG [Hero Complex Film Festival ’14]: Science Friction.

Hitting off the first of three nights of the Hero Complex Film Festival at the TCL Chinese 6 in sunny-lovely Los Angeles was a celebration of…


Mass Effect.

Mass Effect.

(But please jump to our coverage of: Terminator/Terminator 2 or Alien/Aliens, if you insist…)

This free-fan event featured the big screen appearance of the 2003 BSG miniseries that began the rebooted franchise, in addition to an amazingly in-depth Q&A. Moderated by Hero Complex editor Gina McIntyre, was creator Ronald D. Moore (Carnival), and stars — Captain William Adama himself — Edward James Olmos, President Laura Roslin played by Mary McDonnell, and, believe it or not, British actor Jamie Bamber, who played the brash man-of-many-jobs Lee “Apollo” Adama.

Your favorite Traveling Nerd was floored by the love (even 10-years later) that these actors had for the source material and the characters that they portrayed. Each actor went through their first initial responses from reading the pilot’s script, and Olmos had arguably the finest response:

“This will hold up 20-years from now better then it does today… It will speak louder and clearer… [BattleStar] is going to be an intense ride!”

"You know, I had good quotes too."

“You know, I had good quotes too.”

After much love from the Syfy series’ talent, Moore explained how the creation of the show was so much more then just a remake of a terribly aged-70‘s space drama. And how things really hit home in mention of the show’s centerpiece — an apocalyptic assault on us humans — only months after September 11.

“[BSG] was an opportunity to use science fiction as a prism to look at society… to look at our lives… and culture… and ask hard questions.”

It was quite apparent that a new rendition would take the audience on a journey that would bring their own personal experiences; the show also had the ability to make you question your own beliefs on what was right or wrong with what was happening in the news.

In the end, will BattleStar Galactica hold up the test of time like Capt. Adama wants to believe? After watching it on the big screen for the first time, this faithful Apostle wants to believe it will. Cause at the end of the day Moore and this crew of phenomenal actors did more then just create a space soap, they created a work of art.

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