E3 ’14 [Preview]: Playing…The Waiting Game.

E3 ’14 [Preview]: Playing…The Waiting Game.

As loyal congregants, gamers and geeks of the holy church of GodHatesGeeks, we all look forward to the release of blockbuster video game titles like the second coming of our holy redeemer. When we have our hopes up for these games we count down the months, weeks, days and even hours until we unwrap the cellophane off that case and slip that disk into our respective gaming platform.

Then, for some reason or another, we wake up one day and find out that the golden jewel we had been looking forward to — and most likely even pre ordered — has been… gasp… DELAYED! Then we’re hit with the news that said game won’t be released for at least six months. Those days are cold, lonely and miserable; usually spent in our beds eating bon-bons and ice cream while we cry ourselves to sleep.

"Stop bugging us for a release date, humans!"

“Stop bugging us for a release date, humans!”

But fear not loyal congregants, for at the end of every dark and dreary tunnel there is a ray of light, and that game will end up in your hands eventually. Now let’s look at some games that should be showcased at this June’s E3 that have been given the evil, unholy title of…DELAYED.


If you have never played the Witcher series then you have missed out on a wonderful RPG action game set in a land full of monsters, dwarves, magical creatures and alchemy. The Witcher 3 is going to take the series to an entire new level by making the game an enormous open-world fantasy epic capable of making a grown man go ga-ga. That said, with the complications that arise making a game of this caliber, there is no getting around the complications that come up during production. The developers at CD Projekt could not (unfortunately) create the game they envisioned and have it release late 2014 as planned. In regards to why the game was delayed, the developers had this to say…

“Dear gamers – we know many of you would have liked to play The Witcher 3 sooner, as soon as possible, even. We’re sorry to make you wait longer than you, or we, initially assumed you would. At the same time, we believe the game will prove to be worth the wait and meet the expectations you have of us. We believe The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be an exceptional RPG, one of the best, providing many hours of wonderful entertainment.”

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed until February 2015.

Go ahead, lad. Call me "Double J" again...

Go ahead, lad. Call me “Double J” one more time…


Imagine a giant, open world city where everything is accessible and your only objective is to survive. Oh yeah, did I mention that surviving includes eluding hordes upon hordes of bloodthirsty decomposing zombies? Welcome to Dying Light, the game all zombie genre fans have been waiting for. Unfortunately it too has been delayed until February 2015. What does this mean for all of the zombie survivalist fans out there? Well, we will just have to wait a little longer to shoot some undead in the face with a shotgun! In a press release Techland had this to say about the delay of their game…

“The new date ensures that we can fully realize our vision of an innovative open-world game. We won’t need to make compromises or trade-offs on any of the five platforms we’re working on. For you, it means an outstanding, original game that makes the wait more than worthwhile.”

Dying Light has been delayed until February 2015.

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