THIEF [Review]: Swift at Stealing… My Heart.

Do you enjoy stealth games? Would you rather play a game where you need to use your brain more than your trigger finger? How about a game that can equally bring you joy and frustration at the same time? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then maybe Thief is the game for you…

Thief stars a rather cheery fellow named Garrett — a master thief, pickpocket and all around good guy. You start off the game on a mission with the beautiful Erin, a fellow thief with an attitude and the skills to back it up. Problem is, Erin is bad news. And like most women (we kid!), she has no empathy and doesn’t mind cheating to get what she wants. In the midst of a creepy voodoo ritual at a twisted temple, an all-too antsy Erin fluffs everything up, setting the fate of both her and Garrett in motion. Next, enter a mass conspiracy full of hardship and intrigue.


Steal. You are a thief, plain and simple. You get to rip everything that’s not bolted down. That is until you get your hands on the ratchet, and then those pesky bolted down objects are up for grabs. There is a lot of loot in this game too. Everywhere you go, there are objects of different values that are yours for the taking. The stealth engine is not too shabby either. Because you start off the game as a master thief, you can literally sneak in almost plain sight of enemies (as long as you’re hiding in the shadows that is). If you’re in a lighted area you’ll be spotted and beaten quicker than a Bieber fan at an Eminem show. Thankfully, there are plenty of shadows. If not, players can shoot out fires with handy water arrows or simply flick switches if the light is electric.

Robbin' Johnny Blaze's crib was a terrible idea.

Robbin’ Johnny Blaze’s crib was a terrible idea.

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