TOP 10 COMIC WRITERS of 2013 [CB/GHG]: Star-Crossover.

TOP 10 COMIC WRITERS of 2013 [CB/GHG]: Star-Crossover.

In conjunction with our friends over at Comics Bulletin, GodHatesGeeks and CB wrap up our “Best of 2013″ lists with a talk about the best comics writers of 2013. Remember, this list is in alphabetical order. We love ‘em all and it was hard to rank all of these talented scribes.


I almost voted for Peter David as one of the Top 10 Villains of 2013. I then realized the rebooting and subsequent $3.99 re-pricing of X-Factor was probably not entirely David’s fault. Probably. He’s a tricky one.

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So how did Peter David rock 2013? Oh, the usual.

Peter David’s writing in X-Factor was terrific every year the book was published, but 2013 proved he could wrap it all up in style. His “Hell on Earth War” arc provided a great catalyst to the team’s ending, but my favorite issues were those that wrapped up the series for good. If anyone can make you care about a character, it’s Peter David. He made saying goodbye hard, but ultimately satisfying. This wasn’t just the rebooting of another X-book, it was saying goodbye to an era.

The way David wrote the cast of X-Factor—I feel like I’m leaving high school friends, wondering where they’re heading. Wondering if they’ll be the same next time I see them; wondering if I’ll ever read a team book that made me care as much and as often as Peter David’s X-Factor.

I’m all teary-eyed now but let’s not forget David wrote more than just X-Factor. His scripting of Marvel’s brilliant Dark Tower series got me to stick around and buy every trade. While the scripts could have been heavy-handed and overly dark to match the art, David’s writing elevated the series with terrific dialogue and much needed levity. The stories in Dark Tower are pitch black, but there’s something incredibly inviting about David’s narrating and exposition. Come to think of it, David helped wrap up Dark Tower this year as well. Dang, I’m getting teary again.

– Chris Wunderlich / Comics Bulletin

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