WWE 2K14 [Podcast]: CAW.. is.. WAR!

WWE 2K14 [Podcast]: CAW.. is.. WAR!

You’ve heard all the hype.

You read the review.

Hell, you heard how insanely expansive WWE 2K14 is this year. But, is the latest WWE video game a drastic enough change from both WWE 12 and 13 despite sporting the new publisher? Well, who better to debate than The Clergy Click: “Bishop” Richard Zom, “Monsignor” Travis Moody, “Padre” Guy Copes (with his first ever podcast), and our latest contributing parishioner, the “Archangel” Andy Crete.

Worst karoake experience ever.

In this podcast, we dig into the deep underground world of Universe Mode, focusing on 2K’s significant additions, changes and remaining problems in the franchise’s most popular mode. Our panel also speaks on the popular Create-A-Wrestler mode (CAW) and our favorite creations, storylines, mode options, and even tips that will ensure your Universe lives up to its potential. There’s greatness hidden in this mode somewhere and we’re the geek church to find it.

We even look ahead to next-gen and talk some WWE 2K15. Yes, you read that correctly. How could we help ourselves?

The only reason to buy Season Pass.

So, look, BROTHER/SISTER, join us for the podcast that could only be made RAW, without any of the pretty editing, and full of buffoonery. Cause…we know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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If the above Soundcloud isn’t working, download the WWE 2K14 Podcast here, or stream it live through mediafire .

2K Games’ WWE 2K14, for the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3, in stores now.