NEXT-GEN [X1/PS4 Podcast]: No. More. Watching.

Finally! As you may or may not know, GHG has been going through a transition phase. Well, like a name change for instance. We are no longer God Hates Geeks; we are GodHatesGeeks!

Uh, got that?


Part of that phase is seeing more intelligent, fun and batshit crazy people join our clergy, all the while sadly seeing others go. We’d like to thank those no longer with us for helping turn this wee lil’ blog into a decent website; one, that some have even referred to as the go-to parish for everything geek. Means a lot.

Thus, our long-awaited…

…took as long as it did to find us another sound engineer. One month plus later, thank you Christ-ine! Our newest clergygeek is also quite the writer too, so be on the look out for the new “lord and savior — now, with boobs” (her words, not mine!) on future articles.

Speaking of new, GHG was also blessed with our very first podcast guest, “Holy” Hailey Bright, who brought her joystick wisdom from the hit YouTube channel Clevver Games to the roundtable. An Xbox One/PlayStation 4 roundtable (also featuring the “Cardinal” Gary Brooks and yours truly, the “Monsignor” Travis Moody) that breaks down not only the new consoles themselves, but takes a look back at launch games, microtransaction and multiplayer dilemmas, exclusives, ports, anticipated releases, and, hell, even the semi-lame VGX Awards. While any gamer will surely enjoy this podcast, it’s a highly recommended listen if you’re still thinking of going next-gen.


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