INFINITY [Event Review]: Almost Inhuman.
As one Marvel event closes, another always blossoms. At 44-pages, Infinity is one credible finale, thanks to the eye-pretty art of Jim Cheung (X-Force, Young Avengers) and Dustin Weaver (S.H.I.E.L.D.), and the year-long crafted mind of Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four, God is Dead). Issue #6 finishes the story of Thanos’ thirst for prolicide with the final vestige of his legacy. Somewhat. As the GodHatesGeeks... Continue Reading
NBA 2K14 [X1/PS4 Review]: STILL.. ‘The King’ of Sports Video Games.
Lebron James is the new front and center man in 2K Sports’ latest edition to their widely successful NBA video game franchise — and I wonder what took them so long. Sure, it’s understood as... Continue Reading
CALL OF DUTY – GHOSTS [X1/PS4 Review]: Don’t be spooked.
Yes, my flock, C.O.D. Season is upon us. Like every year, 2013 presents Activision’s 10th installment of the insanely successful and all-addicting Call of Duty series with Ghosts. Brought to us this year by Infinity... Continue Reading
THE MAXX – MAXXIMIZED #1 [Review]: Taking it to the…
IDW is fulfilling a longtime desire of mine (and I’m sure many others) at last: to have The Maxx live up to its fullest potential with modern artistic flare. This republished version is overseen by... Continue Reading
BLACK SCIENCE #1 [Review]: Keep Their (severed bioelectric) Heads Ringin’…
…because it’s Black Science Friday. The latest shot fired in Image Comic’s battle to rule the industry one great book at a time, is written by Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Fear Agent) with art by Mateo Scalera... Continue Reading
OLDBOY (2013) [Review]: Hardly spreads the Holiday Cheer.
The Internet erupted into a ball of rage when it was announced Spike Lee was remaking Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy. As someone who didn’t care much for other remakes of foreign films, I could understand the fall out.... Continue Reading
JAMES MANGOLD [Q&A]: Unleashing “The Best There Is…”
I never thought this day would come. It’s a chilly Monday night on the FOX Studios lot in Century City, where the Monsignor is just a few minutes away from helping celebrate the arrival of... Continue Reading
WWE SURVIVOR SERIES 2013 [Wrap-Up]: Missing the Tradition.
The WWE hasn’t had a cast of characters like this in a long time. If you can’t already tell, World Wrestling Entertainment is doing their best to capture the essence of the “Attitude Era” all... Continue Reading
UFC 167 [Wrap-Up]: Athlete, or Fighter?
Georges St. Pierre said he got hit by a truck Saturday night. That truck was named Johny Hendricks. GSP said he lost some of his memory during his five-round Championship bout with Hendricks. He went... Continue Reading
IMAGINE AGENTS #2 [Review]: Making Monsters Cry Since 1989.
Greetings geeklings. Todays topic: Imagine Agents, or, more specifically, Terry Snowgoose and Dave Slatern of “The Institute of the Management, Acclimation, Guardianship and Incarceration of Notional Entities.” If you missed last month’s debut, no worries; the... Continue Reading
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