The Church Basement: Days of X-Flick Past…
So the fearless filmic leader of the X-team, Wolver-Hugh, has a big release coming out December 3rd (actually out digitally as of November 19th), in THE WOLVERINE: Unleashed Extended Version. You guessed it; Unleashed is the special edition Blu-Ray with even more violent, claw-gutting action. By that same token, by that same idea, your lovely Cleric decided to take it... Continue Reading
HARLEY QUINN #0 [Review]: The One and True.. Lady Deadpool.
When the Minister first heard Harley was getting her own book again, call me ecstatic! I was a big fan of her solo title a few years back, and couldn’t wait to see the former... Continue Reading
ALMOST HUMAN [Ep. 1&2 Review]: Synthetically pleasing.
Alias. Fringe. Lost. Oh, I’m sure you’ve never heard of those. Either way, it appears that every year, the unstoppable creative mind that is J.J. Abrams delivers a new FOX series for the fall TV... Continue Reading
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The Weekly Worship [XBOX 360 Face-Off]: Super 8.
Xbox One comes out Friday at midnight. Are you as excited as a good portion of this clergy? Are you wary? Are you at all concerned about Microsoft’s next-gen console, particularly with the mixed feelings... Continue Reading
Unity #1 [Review]: I’m NinJAK, bitch!
UNITY!!!!!!!!! Reading that title, I’m reminded of two things immediately off the bat. Both are hilarious in my book. The first? You guessed it. The second, is the Unity 2000 comic that tried to come... Continue Reading
SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #2 [Review]: Melting the Man of Steel!
In more ways than one. You see, Superman has been everywhere lately. Released on Blu Ray just a couple days ago. Feeling superiorly Unchained with Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Playing the lead in the Injustice... Continue Reading
COMIKAZE ’13 [Podcast]: It’s Stan Lee vs….BANE!??!!?
Last week may have been all about Thor, but it could have been partially about Bane, too. You, see last week your very own Bishop Zom nearly dominated the podcast ranks until that inner venom... Continue Reading
ARKHAM ORIGINS [Podcast]/AMAZING X-MEN #1 [Review]: Creatures of the Knight!
It’s been nearly three long and hardened years since the Demon Deacon swung his tail and babbled religious banter with foil in hand. Has the comic world really missed this so-called heart of the X-Men?... Continue Reading
WWE 2K14 [Podcast]: CAW.. is.. WAR!
You’ve heard all the hype. You read the review. Hell, you heard how insanely expansive WWE 2K14 is this year. But, is the latest WWE video game a drastic enough change from both WWE 12... Continue Reading
THOR: THE DARK WORLD [Review]: Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em.
First, the good news: The Dark World is the Thor movie longtime fans of the character and comic have imagined since children, as each of the Nine Realms suitably mimics those majestic pages from the... Continue Reading
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