X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM [Event Review]: Attack of the Clones.
The church that geek built has been missing some quite “Marvelous” things lately, and for all you non-True Believers, the truth is: I have been missing my geek congregation just as much. Get ready for it. Your favorite Apostle is back. Sure, it’s been a couple of months, but I’m jumping right into the heat of things with a rip-roaring,... Continue Reading
COMIKAZE ’13 [Face-Off]: STAN By Me.
  “Father” Tyler McPhail: I don’t know about you, Eva, but I Comikazed all over this weekend. Eva “The Priestess” Ceja: Better than what what you did for Halloween, I bet! Ty: You mean.. work?... Continue Reading
GL ANNUAL/DAMIAN [Review]: Is it ‘Lights Out’ for the ‘Son of the Bat’??!!?
Venditti has turned, flipped and screwed the Green Lantern right down to its last dying light. Now, if that’s a good or bad thing with this week’s Green Lantern Annual #1, that’s entirely up to you.... Continue Reading
WWE 2K14 [Review]: Attitude Adjustment.
“You can’t see me…my time is now!” Words couldn’t ring truer for the latest World Wrestling Entertainment video game adaptation, WWE 2K14, which offers players a go at some of the greatest moments and matches... Continue Reading
BATMAN – ARKHAM ORIGINS [Review]: ‘Twas the Dark Knight before…
Where’s my Batmobile? Do I honestly have to go back to Super Nintendo to get it? It’s nice that Batman — this time a more youthful, seemingly stronger, nearly goateed Batman, mind you — has... Continue Reading
VELVET #1 [Review]: Her word is Bond.
Greetings congregation. Get ready to be taken to church. Your faithful Guy Padre is here to introduce you to Velvet, the new manual by Doc Johnson and Adam and Eve…uh, whoops, wrong book. Let’s try... Continue Reading
LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES [Face-Off]: Build, True Believers! Build!
What a week in superhero video games! And thus it begins…now.   “Monsignor” Travis Moody: Why are LEGO games so frustrating? Aren’t these games supposed to be made for kids? Why am I having such... Continue Reading
NYCC ’13 [Wrap-Up]: GHG’s ‘Pint o’ Moody’!
Well, hello there. New York Comic-Con may have been a week ago, but there was certainly no shortage of good ol’ fashioned geektacular news coming from the Big Apple. Along with the panels we covered... Continue Reading
BEYOND: TWO SOULS [Review] – ‘Page-ing’ the Paranormal.
Greetings, Flock. Bishop Zom here, bringing you the joy-is-word on Beyond: Two Souls, a wonderfully constructed Sony PS3 exclusive under Quantic Dream, the development team behind Heavy Rain. Released just over a week ago, the... Continue Reading
NYCC ’13 [Day 3.3]: Marvel brings a MIRACLE…
Due to the cancellation of the FOX Studios “Movie Panel” at this past Saturday’s New York Comic Con — which would have showcased the new X-Men film, Days of Future Past (and the terrific-looking Dawn of... Continue Reading
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