SAINTS ROW IV [Review]: Cause ‘They Live’ 4 Music, Murder & Mayhem!
WARNING: The Surgeon Geek General warns that playing this game may cause severe seizures and/or make you keel over, possibly leading to sudden death from laughing your not-at-all appalled ass off. Now, before I get on with this review, the Reverend would like to quickly touch upon Saints Row‘s previous three games. Those of you who know me, know that... Continue Reading
MADDEN NFL 25 [Review]: Akin to running a JAG(s) Marathon.
EA Sports. “It’s in the game!” Unfortunately for Madden NFL 25, everything that has been brought back in the game hasn’t exactly made it better. Electronic Arts was wise enough to fix all of the... Continue Reading
YOU’RE NEXT [Review]: Naw, I think I’ll wait some more…
Holy crap. Seeing how this Father has been terribly swamped with work as of late (perhaps from all of the D23 backlash; thanks, Big D), I decided to hit the road for a theatrical triple... Continue Reading
MOLLY DANGER, v1 [Review]: When Molly’s in the House.. OMG, Danger!
Molly Danger is a not-so-graphic novel from the mind of Brooklyn’s own Jamal Igle. If you know his name, great; continue reading and skip this paragraph. If you don’t know his name, then now you... Continue Reading
SPLINTER CELL – BLACKLIST [Review]: Walking with a Panther…
Splinter Cell: Blacklist is one of the year’s nicest surprises…although it shouldn’t be, and for several reasons. The obvious reason being that this 6th console Splinter Cell — the 3rd and perhaps last of the... Continue Reading
THE WORLD’S END [Review]: Genre switch? I’ll drink to that!
Edgar Wright is a risk taker. There’s a damn good reason why the cult director has taken on Marvel’s Ant-Man, made a bunch of films that were never supposed to be this revered, and has... Continue Reading
DC vs. Marvel [Face-Off]: TRINITY vs. INFINITY — Not what the ‘Minister’ ordered?
DC vs. Marvel. Here we go again! (OK, so we promise a Dark Horse vs. Image vs. Boom! vs. IDW vs. Dynamite vs. Tom Cow in the near future, or something akin…) In this corner,... Continue Reading
The Ultimate KICK-ASS SummerSlam [Podcast]: Take that, Mother#$%^&*!!!
Wow. With a weekend fully loaded with the self-proclaimed “hottest event of the summer” and the much-anticipated sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s near-classic crime-crushing clown caper, GHG just had to throw it all at ya in... Continue Reading
ELYSIUM [Face-Off Review]: ‘Bourne’ on the Fifth of LA…
Nicole “Naughty Angel” Brunner: So, I’m guessing this is the first time GodHatesGeeks has ever done a review via text message? “Monsignor” Travis Moody: Yeah, we’re setting trends; what can we say! (And going to... Continue Reading
D23 Expo [Podcast]: Where’s the Magic?!?
Ahhh… the magic of Disney. Marvel. Star Wars. A Marvel Star Wars (GOTG!). Pixar. Tom Hanks. Angelina Jolie. Disney has everything. But, for a conference that took 2-years to plan, was there enough? With new... Continue Reading
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